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Baby Pola vs Senior Apu

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2 years ago

Baby Pola vs Senior Apu

Episode: 1

As soon as I was asleep in the morning, the phone rang and ruined my sleep. I picked up the phone with annoyance.

I see my friend Mizan has called

He called me and disturbed my sleep (I pretended not to know).

Dude, when did you get married to my sister (Mizan)?

Where did your forest come from? You don't have a sister (me).

Hey, you said sala and if you say sala, you know what makes me smile (Mizan)

I don't know what happens when a friend says sala, I see a picture of a friend saying sala, so I called you, what does it mean, friend (me)?

Sala, you are still a child

Well let's go to college early (Mizan)

Dude I'm afraid to go to college alone You take me (me)

Sala would have been so big ‌ still scared (relief)

I don't know so much i'm afraid to go my way alone (i)

Fear of you so much (Mizan)

If someone kidnaps me on the street (me)

I will faint when I see the kidnappers in Sala Tore. Kidnapping is a long way off. Now go to college soon. I am going to college.

Mizan hung up the phone

Which Sala cut off the phone

What would have happened if I had been taken away? I am afraid to go alone. How can I go to college now?

That's when I called Apu: Apu

Apu this apu where are you (me)

Why are you shouting so loudly (Apu came to the room from where and said)

Sister i will go to college with you today (me)

(Actually, my sister and I are in the same college

My first class in college today)

Why don't you take me to college with you, I can't take you to college (sister)

Apu is not saying that I am afraid to go alone so take me a little (me)

No, I can't take you. Why are you still a child?

Apu, please, I am afraid to go alone and I am behind

Please sister go with me (me)

Well, let's get ready now (Apu).

Thank you sister I'm getting ready now (me)

Hmmm, hurry up.

Apu left and I took Roddy fresh

Then I went downstairs

I went downstairs and saw Abbu Amnu and Apu sitting at the dining table

I went and sat at the table

Kiri goes to college so beautifully today, what do you mean, my father (father)?

What do you mean dad (me)

Will you go to Thaika for the rest of your life and not grow up? (Dad)

Daddy, take your back to the kidnapper in the backyard today.

Hey Amnu see what Apu tells me (I)

Shut up dad you eat (amnu)

Hey stay you i took your son i (dad)

Hmmm Dad be careful (me)

Now you eat (Amnu)

Amnu you don't know I can't eat with my own hands (me)

Well this is it (Mommy is feeding me)

Amnu, your back pola has become so big, why do you still feed her (Apu)?

Why is your sister jealous (me)

If you are not a poet, then steal from your stomach and give it to you (Apu).

Here, Amnu, look, Apu scares me again (me).

Shut up (Amnu said to Apu)

Mom you just love your son don't love me at all (sister)

Why are you so jealous of me (me)

I won't take you, I'll see you in my log (sister)

See mom (me)

Stop this jogra and eat (me)

Hmm (me and sister)

I went to college with Apu after eating

Apu came to the college and got out of the car

You park the car and come in. (Apu)

Apu took me with her which made me afraid to go alone (me)

I can't go, I went to you (Apu)

Apu said this and left and I parked the car and went inside the college. Just then a girl called from behind

That pola khara (a girl shouted from behind)

Eh eh (me)

Why are you crying (the girl said a little angrily)

Eh eh (I'm crying louder)

Hey why are you crying (girl looked at me in surprise)

Why did you call me so loud i'm not afraid

Kihahah I called a little louder so I was scared (girl))

Hey i'm so scared

Ok sorry what is your name (girl)

Why should i tell you (me)

Why is there a problem (girl)

Hmm, Amnu says don't talk to strangers (me).

You're like a kid (girl)

Everyone says (me)

Hmm, tell me your name now (girl).

Why should i tell you my name

Because i'm your friend

Be a true friend! But looking at you, I feel bigger than me (senior).

Say the name first then understand everything (girl)

My name is mehedi (me)

Oh my name is meghla ken yaare tui (meghla)

Fast year i you (i)

Second Year I (Cloudy)

Oooo then you are my senior I will call you sister (me)

What did you say, call me Apu (cloudy)

You should call my seniors and seniors apu so from today I will call you apu (me)

If you know my sister Ducks (Cloudy)

Then Nani Boila Dakmu (I)

I am the grandmother of your birth (Meghla)

No birth! Well, I'll call you Mami (me).

I'm with you now.

Forgive me if it is wrong

The time of the first episode was less so that's it

If you like it, tell me

If you like it, I will give the next episode

Let me know how it goes, and stay tuned by subscribing ,,,,

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Written by   32
2 years ago
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