The Power of Decision Making

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It is indeed true that humans evolved in extremely complex and fascinating way. We humans are the only creature in the planet gifted with a very complicated and enormously sophisticated brains capable of thinking thoroughly, imagining the unimaginable, comprehending more complicated and unexplained things, solve difficult mathematical problems and discovering things concealed by nature and the universe itself. Despite of these, still we humans struggles in many ways such as in trying to explain something new to this world. We struggle a lot because we think too much, in short it is us who makes our lives difficult, it is us that shape the world in to hard times, and it happens because thinking is our nature thus making our species as the most advantageous individual among all creatures.

Because we are gifted with a powerful brain, we think we are mightier than anything and yet we are not because if we are then why is it we experience global crisis without being prepared? that's why nature is mightier than us. We think that we are the one in charge to nurse all other species and the planet itself but it turns out the other way around, we didn't care about it but rather we disrupt and slowly killing our own home. All of these is because we let our brain tainted with greed and we let ourselves consumed by selfishness hence we decide wrongfully.

However not all humans are like that and we all know that fact, I guess? Actually all of us makes decisions and most of us tend to experience difficulties in decision making especially if we are driven by ourselves or by others. I found this quote from the internet by Unknown and therefore I quote, "Decisions are the hardest thing to make especially when it is a choice between where you should be and where you want to be". It means that we are just given a powerful brain but it is up to us and to our judgement and the society on how we will justify each and every decisions we have. Naturally humans exist just like other animals or living things which are being driven by natural desires and needs such as foods, shelter, clothes, and sex for reproduction purposes. In fact most wildlife doesn't change but humans do.

I'll give you an example, before early humans didn't even bother to walked in public without clothes, well at least it was true in nomads a very long time ago but because of evolution as what science explained, humans learn to adopt our ancestors learn to speak and communicate with one another and eventually stay at one place then finally make some clothes made from fur, scales and skins of animals and that's when it started, nowadays we put some clothes all over our body not just because we want to warm ourselves at night or we don't want others to peep on us but rather to keep up ourselves with the trend. Now this is where our decisions start to become complicated because if we are trying keep up with the trends then probably it will take us a couple minutes to choose what we wanna wear. this example though is very common.

Now let say for example a man wants to marry. In the past, he could marry someone provided by his parents thru fixed marriage, let say it is a very good wedding but he doesn't like the girl though, here the man didn't have any choice but to accept his faith made by his parents but then again they live quite a good life despite of having no freedom of choosing someone to marry but still it's worth it. Now suppose that the same man wanted to be marry at present times, the man has his freedom of choice then he choose to marry someone, at first they were happy but in the end their marriage become so toxic and their children are already being affected, here their decisions will be so hard because they will decide not just for themselves but for the sake of their children.

The examples given above are undeniably happening today and all of these are inevitable because we always want to step forward and because of the continues advances in our technology the rapid changes makes vast of outlets of decisions leading to confusion thus if a man decide without considering the possible outcomes of his decision in the future or at least makes assumptions then it might leads to failure.

So what should we do to prevent this? of course we can't stop the development of our society just to stop thinking about what decision we can make and prevent us to fail. What we can do is to prepare ourselves and If I say prepare ourselves then we should think forward with consideration of the past events our lives of course. In short we must always make a plan and fill it up with overwhelming strategies. It is just like preparing for the upcoming and inevitable natural disasters.

Always remember Decisions must be one's own and driven by the common good. Do not decide because you are being pressured by your peers nor your family. Decide for your own after all it is you who knows what best for yourself and your future not them. Another thing, do not decide if you are driven by too much emotions such as Happiness or Gladness, Sadness or Madness because it could lead to something unexpected.

What if you decide because you're too much glad of your friend then you accidentally told him that you'll give him 100,000, of course your friend will keep that in mind and probably sue you, remember words are powerful enough to condemn someone.

Or What if you decide in times of sadness or madness, say you have so many problems then because you are in the state of depression you suddenly decide to end your life because you think you're hopeless. Would it be good if you end your own life? Definitely not because there are other ways in fact more than enough ways to solve one problem. Also don't make decisions if you're under the influence of any depressant drugs or any other illegal drugs because we all know what will happen next if you do.

Remember we need to think deeper when it comes to making a single decisions, failing to do so may lead to disaster, let me give you one last example,say for an instance, you are 5 km near to a mall and you have a gun then in front of you there is this man who possess a remote which happens to control a bomb implanted in the mall. Now you have to decide whether you will shot him down or you will let him press the button and successfully turn the building in to pieces together with the people in it. Normally you will shot him for the sake of the majority isn't it? but remember what I've said earlier, words are powerful so why don't we try to negotiate first before hurting someone. Of course trying to negotiate is very difficult because you might say something that will offend the man and push him to press the remote control that's why even in times of negotiation we need to think and choose the word we will throw to the person we are talking to so that no casualties will be at stake.

That's all I hope you learn something.

Note: This article is opinionated!

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