Success isn't luck; It's a choice

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Benjamin Franklin once said " Failing to plan is Planning to fail", it sounds like a music in to your ears isn't it? Indeed the phrase itself looks nonsense but it is more sensible than ever. Personally I believe in this quote as well, thus giving me the realization that everything happens around you are actually the results of your decisions including success, except of course choosing your ideal biological parents or when will be your last breath because we don't have any special ability to control that.

There are people who believes in luck and I don't blame anyone for that because it is what our culture embedded in to our minds from our childhood probably we learn it from our grand parents from which they also acquired it from their ancestors and then the cycle repeat itself. Admit it or not some of us even from this moment believes in it, that is what we called faith and we need something to represent that faith and that's where our lucky charm made its entrance but then again we can't just sit back and relax just because we possess our lucky charm after all it's just an object imitating our hope to become successful someday, however it is your choice that matters a lot in the end, unless otherwise the object you are holding to is a valuable object.

Franklin clearly states that planning is very important because without plan then the probability of failure might be high thus it is inevitable so why risking a high probability of loss if you can reduce it by just making a plan. Remember if you fail then it is your choice to fail yet it doesn't mean you have to give up on your dreams that easy. Take note a captain who sails in a calm ocean isn't worth of a captain at all. Hence a man who struggles a lot but still push himself to succeed is a man with high hopes and perseverance thus a title of a captain of his own dreams perfectly suits him.

So what if I made a plan then I already started my journey to achieve my dreams in hope that someday I will become successful but still I didn't make it. Still it's your choice but this time what you have to do is to choose between the two options you have, either you continue by means of improving your plan and yourself through the help of your experience and most importantly your failure or give up your dreams and let go of your hopes to be successful. The choice is yours to decide.

If you're gonna ask me, I would say go on, believe in yourself make your dreams come true do not let yourself eaten by fear, let your failure be your guide and make it as your new inspiration. Learn from every failure you had and prove to others, to the world and most especially to yourself that you can do it despite of so many failure. Keep it in your mind that there is no success without experiencing failure, a man who succeed without a glimpse of failure won't last successfully for even a year but a man who failed multiple times and yet made his way into success will last for as long as he bears the learning he acquired from his failures.

Now I hope that all of us become successful someday and for those that are already at the peak of their success I hope that you keep in mind that everything isn't permanent thus decision making is something that we must always practice. So let us not give up our dreams because that's the way we are born with and take note and never forget luck is on our side if we are worth of it.

Remember: Choose carefully ! HAHAHA!

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