Someone or something is bothering my sleep again and again

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Dreams of any kind are usual to people and sometimes it means that we are normal, however, will you still consider it normal if nightmares come almost every single night? What startled me is that it frequently shows the same scene and person yet the most creepy is the moment I woke, I saw someone, particularly one of my siblings walking downstairs. What could this mean? Does this nightmare that occurs every night has something to do with my deceased father? Or, maybe it has something to do with my mental health?

The day we went back!

We went back to Pampanga right after papa's 40 days.

The very first night in our apartment seems odd and I quickly sense something different. I know that there are ghosts residing in the apartment because as you all know my 6th sense is open, now what guarantees you that I'm saying the truth is the fact that my siblings, nephew, and niece also see them and sometimes these ghosts love to play with the kids. Honestly, there are times that my nephew run to us and says, "Moomoo" while pinpointing directly the direction where he sees it. Sometimes he plays alone on the 2nd floor and laughs but no one is there beside him, although I don't think it's abnormal because he's close to me and that may be the cause of his active 6th sense, or maybe I did open it accidentally but at least I know how to deal with it if something bad happens.

The third night

I was irritated because I usually fell asleep around 11 pm but I couldn't do it that night until 3 am, then at 3:55 my alarm rang and I get up to stop it then my brother opened the light in the kitchen - at least that's what I saw. I quickly went down and check if what on earth just happened and he woke up so early.

My thoughts now are starting to ramble because I saw nothing downstairs, and he doesn't seem to went outside because the door was locked from the inside but then I didn't see him walking back upstairs. So, who was that man, and how did the lights turn on without anyone physically touching the switch? Despite what I witnessed, I didn't mind it at all, it could be my wildest imagination or something, and so I went back to sleep.

If you're wondering if I felt fear every time I have an encounter with this kind of stuff then my answer is, no, I don't feel something scary although it's creepy, it's a normal case-by-case scenario for the likes of me who's the third eye is open, and in fact, I have experienced much worse than this scenario but here I am still alive and writing my experience from something that can only be experienced by a few.

5th night since we arrived in the apartment

I was able to fall asleep early this time. However, I had this nightmare that stuns my body. It felt like someone walking right beside my bed, then the footsteps stops and I know that he was beside me. I slightly opened my eyes to take a look but to my surprise, it was only a dark giant pair of feet, it was standing beside my bed and frozen for a second. later on, the feet start to lay on the bed and quickly strangle me. The feet were too heavy for me to lift and free me from strangulation, eager to free myself, I tried to bite the giant feet but it was futile because the feet were made of gas, then I started to pray as I always do during circumstances like this. Slowly, the feet evaporated after several repetitions of my own made prayer. I don't pray the usual prayers that we all have memorized because demons can easily recite them in chorus especially if you say them without meaning it- please do not be offended because I have no intention of doing so.


The reason for reciting my own made prayer instead of what we are used to is because the bed where I slept was the bed that my father used when he was suffering from his illness and he continued to use it until we got home, the bed was placed underneath the stairs where negative elements are usually playing so it's normal for me to pray what is necessary to quickly cast them out my sleep before anything could happen to me.

6th day of the sleep disturbance

Here is the most recent one and hopefully the last one of the consecutive bad experiences. It was 3:55 am, my usual alarm rang and I stop it. A few seconds later, I felt full and I need to release my body's waste but I endure it for a moment because I saw my sister who was sleeping beside me, and she went down to the bathroom. I wait for minutes until I cannot hold it anymore, I went down and wondered why did my sister is not yet returning upstairs even though the bathroom was already open.

Then I step back a bit and try to look back into the bedroom. My face started to feel like it is inflamed and it felt so light when I saw her sleeping so well. I mean, how did that happen? why didn't I notice her on the bed where in reality it was just a few seconds after I step out of the room? There is only one way going in and out of the room and that is the stairs, so, if she's there slightly snoring then who was that lady which looks exactly like her? Whatever or whoever she was, I don't care as long as they don't hurt us, it's fine.

Maybe you're wondering why I don't have the guts to confront these spirits if I claim that my third eye is open. My dear readers, the fact that I will deal with the dead is nothing but a gamble on your life and the security of your family is something that I don't want to lose. I already tried helping people dealing with the dead but it only brings bad karma. I opposed the natural cycle of nature and spirits then the next time I knew, my father got an incurable illness that he suffered a lot. Try to ask anyone who claims that they can see the dead. Ask them if they pay some price if they tried to intervene with the balance of nature, I'm certain they will answer yes but they will not answer specifically.

Now, the question of whether you believe it or not is up to you.

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Hey, you are not alone, I have experienced some of those as well. I do recite my own personal prayers whenever I encounter those elementals. Anyways, perhaps those ghosts in the house need guidance so they can finally "go". Maybe utter a prayer for them because they need that. Having an open 3rd eye is not easy. And I had those repeating dreams as well, it is connected to your past life. People won't believe reincarnation is real but it is. Maybe you were cursed and that dream connects you to that scene that led to it. Only a person who studies energy can check your book of life and heal your "web of life". Trust me, I've been there.

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