Should you use Piggybank? Superstition vs. practicality

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Disclaimer: This is an argumentative article, meaning all presented arguments are both pros,  and cons thus giving the reader the power to decide which side will they take. This article was created this way so that no readers will be offended by the arguments presented by either side.

Have you ever heard about the superstitious belief of our grandparents, and parents about the piggy bank? They say that saving money through a piggy bank or any improvised mini-bank is not a good idea because it seems like you’re saving money in preparation for an upcoming tragedy in your family. Makes sense right? We surely understand that the only reason why we save money is that we want to be financially prepared for the uncertainty of life. However, our elders claim that such an act is bad because doing so means you’re indirectly asking for a tragedy to come to you or your family thus making all of you prone to health problems, and accidents, or any other financial-related problems.

Although in many cases this belief was seemingly true but isn’t it just because we don’t know for sure what will happen to us while we are alive? After all, life itself is full of uncertainty, right? It’s not bad to go with the flow and accept what our elders want us to believe because it’s part of our culture. Honestly, I do believe in it but I didn’t say that saving money is bad and should not be done.

Practically, saving money is a very wise idea because it only means that we are thinking normally and we naturally care for our future not just for us but for our family as well. Just because you want to save money doesn’t necessarily mean you want something bad to happen, no one wants that especially to our family. We save money because we just want to be prepared not just for any calamities but sometimes for some occasions as well.

We respect our elders' beliefs, however, things constantly change through time, even science agreed to this. There is nothing absolute in this world, and we know that. We humans always strive for further development, and that development means change not just in technologies, trends, social status, and lifestyle but our culture gradually change too. Even our language is slowly changing, so why stick to such belief?

Just in case we don’t want to disregard our ancestors' reminders but still want to save money, we have banks that offer the same concept of saving money with an additional interest gain but then again, most poor citizens can’t afford to use banks because of various reasons such as; trust issues- yeah, I don’t want to brag about it anymore lol! And of course, most poor citizens lack the requirements to use banks.

Whatever your reasons are, the most important thing here is that we should always prepare for our future. We don’t live in the past and certainly not in the future so, it’s better to plan now for our future using our experiences and knowledge from the past.


If you’re brave enough you can try to invest, there are various types of investments you can try such as holding stocks or stock trading, cryptocurrency trading, fiat markets, and forex. Here you don’t intend to save your money but you aim to make it profitable and not just put it into sleep. Remember that your money won’t grow in the banks but trading or investing will surely make it grow, well, that is if you’re brave enough to accept the possibility of losing your money but you’ll only lose it if you’re not careful enough. Always remember this when you finally decide to invest or trade; the higher the risk, the higher the reward. If you want to be successful in trading and investing, knowing everything is the key, and try to disregard your emotions here.

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