Quija: Glass or coins are not for child's play

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We often think about the spirit of the glass or the spirit of the coins as simply as a child’s stuff that we can play with but it does not work that way. Horror movies that feature this medium usually show us that playing with this stuff is not a good idea. To be honest with you, it’s true.

We are all bound to explore the world and we tend to discover new things by gaining experiences through testing. That is what we call curiosity because we are wondering and we doubt something, the only thing that we can do is to try it. However, some things are better to believe even without testing especially if it will cost your life or if you don’t want to believe it just ignore it and fight your curiosity. Remember this, being curious means being smart and knowledgeable but the urge of trying to find the truth can be risky up to the point that it might cost your life, so, it’s always smart to choose your battle, after all, an achieve knowledge and truth is nonsense when it cost a life to uncover.

As living creatures, we don’t know for sure what things or events await us when we die. The holy scriptures and almost every religion have own their version. 90% of Filipinos are born Christians meaning we believe that there is life after death and there is judgment but let’s not talk about religion because I do respect and understand that we believe in each religion that we are in.

There have been numerous claims and testimonies about their experience with Ouija. Almost all of them share everyday experiences like they want to call for their loved ones or friends who have died but a total disaster happened and they called in an unwanted guest instead. There are also claims about children, teens, and particularly students who have tried to use this medium just for fun but unfortunately, some including the unseen did not take it as a joke.

To further understand, let us first define the topic of this article.

Ouija according to Wikipedia, the word came from the Egyptian word which means “good luck”. Although the inventor of the medium is still in dispute because some claim that it was E.C Reichie who originally invented it and some believe that it was the invention of Charles Kennard. Furthermore, there is no exact evidence that directly links to the origin of this board including where exactly it has begun but one thing is for sure, this medium was created to talk to the dead.

I’m one of those people who believe in other entities because of some personal reason and experiences. So, if you’re gonna ask me whether I believe that Ouija can open the door for the unseen and other entities then my answer is yes. Therefore, I never wanted to try it because I know what’s gonna happened next.

Just to share with you one of my experiences, back when I was in grade five my classmates play the spirit of the coin. They just imitate the real Ouija board using an illustration board and replace the glass or the piece of wood with a coin, then they started to connect with the unseen. For them, they were just playing and they are trying to prove if it was true. The problem was they don’t know for sure how it works and how to close the deal. All they know was opening a conversation and closing it with “goodbye”.

By the way, we are all aware of the past of that site. Yes, the place where our school is located was a former cemetery and there are times that we can still find bones in there so, what do you expect? There are also numerous stories about ghost sightings in that area. Imagine the seesaw moving up and down without anyone touching it, the swings are also moving as if someone was playing and we did witness those creepy events during the day. If you’re not convinced enough, how about hearing something playing on the slide without seeing it? Or how about an actual picture of a former teacher at that school?

All of these happened because they thought it was just child’s play and no one will believe it. The worst thing that happened in that school was the time when one of the students acted abnormally while playing in the playground. She was on the slides at that time and after her first slide, she shouted in agony, her eyes were so different, and her voice was like that of a big man claiming that he owns the place and that some students disturb him. The teachers and some elders near our school brought her to church and it took almost an hour before she finally calms down. After that, the priest cleanses the school. I don’t have any news about that girl anymore. I barely remember her name but one thing is for sure, I will always remember that day. It will always be in my head as a reminder that we should think before we act because defeating ignorance is not always the best thing to do. Sometimes it is better to avoid and kill our curiosity especially if we know it will cost our life.

 I hope that this article will serve as a lesson to you. Do not enter a war without sufficient bullets; do not tempt evil without solid faith in God.

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Talked about a very beautiful and important thing. Glass or coins should be kept out of reach of children. These are really very harmful for kids. These can put children at great risk.I like your discussion.

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