Music is a Universal language

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Hello everyone! It's me again, yes you're right this article is as literal as the title suggests. We will tackle music and how it applies as a universal language.

I'm hundred percent sure that music connects each and every one of us regardless of race, skin color, dialect, or geography you are in. We all agree on that simple logic, do we?

The questions are, why do we need music in our life? What does music represent us? And how does music connect each of us despite so many diversities?

what is music?

According to the Collins English Dictionary, music is the art of systematizing vocals or instrumental sounds through various melodies, harmony, and timbres to create a masterpiece.

So, how does music represent us? Well, the fact that music is incredibly "lyrical" is born from creating poems that have a base of compound emotions from the author means that the poem depicts real-life scenarios. Just put melodies and harmony to this poem and a piece of music full of emotions with one big hidden story that everyone can relate to is created.

The same explanation can apply to the question "How does music serve as a universal language?" Let's sight some examples;

Think about the trend today, perhaps the word "K-POP" is a common term that all of us can understand, right? K means Korean, therefore, their music compositions are based on their native language, and yet, why is it that they are famous all over the globe? Why ought non-Korean races to listen to their music despite their lack of understanding of the language? Simply because the music genre, harmony, and melody convey the whole meaning of the song, and even if you're illiterate in that particular language, this gap is being filled by incredible music compositions. Then, since you like their music, the next thing you'll probably do is search for the literal meaning of the song lyrics so that you can understand the full story behind that masterpiece.

Now, It's not just about the lyrics, It's about the emotions the music can give to us. We feel joyful when the music is energetic, we can feel the sorrows of the composer through his deep soulful composition, and we do the same in other compositions, no dialect has spoken but pure music surrounded the place still we understand the story and the message the composer wants to tell.

How does music serve as medicine to us?

Music is not just a language but a medicine as well. Here's how it works;

  • When we can't sleep at night and take some rest, there is music that can help us calm ourselves make our minds at ease, and finally, bring us to our sleep. I honestly do this every time I find it hard to take sleep. I'm used to listening to instrumental music from the classical era with the greatest composers of all time, thankfully it never fails me.

  • When I can't focus on my studies and I need to finish every single homework on time, music helps me to relax and meditate, it even helps me to calm down a bit and increase my intellectual capacity of comprehending and that's crucial especially if you're doing a thesis.

  • When I have too many clients commissioning artworks (painting, portraits) and they need it on a specific date. Music helps me to moderate my mood so that I can focus on the right mood I need and make the artwork as good as the client wants.

  • Whenever I felt fully depressed and I don't have the means to stay on the line and continue the work, the music kicked in and the table will turn positively.

  • Finally, when we are in an unbearable heartbreak, music can help us ease the pain if not fully heals it. Perhaps this is the most powerful gift of music, healing broken hearts and making it possible to fall in love again, again, and again until we finally meet the right person to be with for the rest of our lives.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the power of music, the language that can penetrate all barriers and make our hearts, minds, and souls united.

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Music helps us to build our emotional satge, physical and others, Great article

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