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Hi guys, it's been a while since my last article here on read.cash, and I want to share with you what happened in the past two months of my absence.

so, it all started when my father was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma ( a type of cancer in the abdomen). He was brave enough to fight back and overcome his illness. We tried everything we could only to discover that my father's condition was beyond cure. Doctors from different hospitals explained that the only thing we could do was to pray and ask for miracles to happen.

My father's will to survive was so strong to the point that he was the one deciding on whatever operation he'll take based on the options prescribed by the doctors, however, his body was too weak, and despite his firm decision to undergo the two consecutive operations prescribed by the surgeons, it won't do good for him because his body was too weak and his vitals were deteriorating too fast until we decided to go home in our province and take care of him.

On 24th May, dad called us, "I can't hold it any longer" he exclaimed. " I want to go home and attend a Sunday mass in the church there" he added. Then we cried as if everything was doomed. Then at 12:00 midnight on May 25th, we went home.

It was 10:00 a.m. when we finally reached our little village in the province, we accompanied dad to the church and later on visited the wonderful view of the sea.

After that day, every day that passed we knew that father might pass away and so we tried our best and tirelessly took care of him 24/7, until June 15 at 5:20 p.m., he died after his final word " Jesus"! I know and we are prepared for that anytime my dad will go through and will rest in peace but the moment I witnessed my father's breath slowly fading away it also shattered my heart into pieces. I wanted to help him grasp his breath but I can't, no one can, and if I do, that would be so selfish trying to prolong my beloved's suffering just to relieve the pain that I felt.

Fast forward, due to my mother's wish, I stayed there for one additional month so to help her recover at least. Then, I travel back here to continue my studies. I just hope that she can at least cope with her everyday life without dad, thankfully, she still lives there with my younger siblings and nephews.

that's it for today's article and I hope you guys are okay! Love your parents while they are still alive and cherish every moment with them because you can never do those things when they die.

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Condolence to your family about what to your father, It's good that his last wish was fulfilled, even if I'm on situation, I prefer to spend my last few hours together with family and do the things that makes me happy.

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