I’m Earning: My Gods Unchained Progress Report

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It has been a while since my last article about blockchain gaming, and although I was only sharing games that are free which, unfortunately, you’ll have to spend lots of time for you to realize profits, I’m 100% sure that the work and time you spend grinding will soon be rewarded.

Remember that this article is only meant to report God’s Unchained progress since I played the game.

Since I already made an article explaining what Gods’ Unchained is, I will no longer discuss the details of how and what to install or play the game itself.

How to earn in Gods’ Unchained?

Well, earning is what drives the rest of us to grind and play blockchain gaming for the longest time, right? So, before we can finally earn a $Gods token (P17.86- current token value), we still need to understand some terminologies such as; in-game and marketable currency, Forging, Card quality, and rarity which will help us in the market sooner.

Cards’ Rarity

The card’s rarity determines how much $GODS token we need to forge one card into NFT. There are currently four types of rarity, namely; (note that the following is listed from least to greatest)

·         Plain: plain cards are usually the common cards we can get for free upon installing the game, these cards can be minted through the forge section costing only 0.1 $GODS token and 20 flux.

·         Rare: Rare cards will cost you 0.3 $GODS token and 40 flux

·         Epic: These cards cost 0.7 $GODS token and 120 flux upon forging

·         Legendary: Cards with this high rarity will cost you 1.5 $GODS token and 200 flux to forge one NFT.

Card’s Quality

There are also five types of card quality, however, unlike card rarity which only determines the cost of each type when forging, card quality will determine if the card is ready to sell or can be listed in the market as well. A list of quality types is written below:

·         Plain: The first type and the only type that cannot be sold in the market unless minted into a meteorite. You’ll have to own two identical cards to forge one meteorite card (this article will provide examples in the latter part)

·         Meteorite: As mentioned above, you can sell this type of card as long as you own it.

·         Shadow: This type will need five identical meteorite cards to mint, so technically even though the cost of minting is fixed, you’ll still accumulate higher costs because of the number of cards needed to forge into the next quality level. Thus, forging one shadow card will cost you more depending on the card’s rarity times the number of meteorite cards needed. In the equation, for example, a plain meteorite to plain shadow would be; (0.1 $GODS*5(number of cards needed) + 20 Flux*5(no. of cards) = 0.5 $GODS and 100 flux. The same equation can be applied to other cards’ rarity, just change both the number of $GODS and flux needed, like, if it is rare 0.1 will be 0.3 and 20 flux will double (number of cards is fixed from minting shadow to diamond)

·         Gold: These shiny cards will undergo the same process as the others, the only difference is how much it will cost you.

·         Diamond: The last stage of the card’s quality but the process is identical to the early-stage levels.

Game Currencies:

 There are three currencies used in the game, kindly see the list below;

1.      Flux: Flux is the in-game currency used for forging or minting your cards into NFT. You can earn flux by simply playing and winning a match.

2.      Star: Star can also be obtained by winning a match. You can buy cards that are available in the star store. Usually, they might sell shadow cards and random rarity cards.

3.      $GODS: This is the official token of the game which you can exchange for real money if you want.


Forging is the exact term synonymous with minting. You need multiple identical cards in forging because you’ll need to fuse them to make them into a tradeable NFT. The cost of fusing cards is already discussed above.

Sample Picture:

Progress Report:

As proof of what I was explaining recently, I’ll show you how some of my activities in the past few weeks.

The Daily play and earn

            Daily play and earn allow you to earn a $GODS token by simply playing the game. Here, you’ll just play the first 10 matches during the day. Upon winning, you’ll be granted GODS fragments which will be converted into $GODS token after 7 days from the date you played. The only downside of this event is that you’ll get nothing when you lose aside from EXP of course. Please see the proof below:

 Star store:

            Here’s what I’ve been talking about earlier:

Here is an example of the market where I usually sell my NFT cards. As you've noticed the value of the cards is not yet that high, it's because of the factors such as rarity, market demand, and the quality of the card itself. Although I don't need to sell them because it would be much beneficial if I hold them first.

Below is a spreadsheet I made to compute the tokens I made during the entire week:

I hope you'll find this article enjoyable and interesting.

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