How did I found My Talent and Honed It?

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Each one of us has our own talent. In many cases we have more than one talent such singing, dancing, crafting, painting, sculpting, sketching and so on. Like many other skills that we learned in everyday life, our talents that are naturally innate to us right from the moment we were born are still at its weakest point until we discovered it. Some talents maybe discovered at a young age and some can be seen late nonetheless these are still talents and can still be hone regardless of the time when it was discovered.

All of us are gifted with these wonderful talents, sadly, there are people who completely ignore these because of personal reasons. Perhaps the most common reason that the majority of us agree with is our own self-confidence, if our confidence is very low and we always downgrade ourselves although we already knew that we have such a very good talent then it won’t grow and become even more astonishing. Say for example in singing, you and your family know that you’re good at it thus your family wanted you to practice more and more and show it to the world but then you’re so timid and all you just want to do is to keep that talent in your own hence that can result to a total loss of your talent and by means of loss it means your voice will be stagnant and from time to time as you mature it will be gone because of lack  of practice. Now this article aims to share how did I discovered my talents and how did I hone it from that moment up to now.

As early as kindergarten, I already know and practice my talents and that is drawing and singing. At the age of five I was already singing together with my father, but not in the contest though. We used to jam whenever there are community band concert and mostly, we spent our free time singing in karaoke that’s why I memorized those old songs which my father used to sing. I continued practicing until the age of 8. However at that age I’m already aware of myself and because I wasn’t familiar with some new songs back then so, every time I sing I don’t want my friends to hear my voice because I thought they wouldn’t like it because I sang just like my father and I sang his favorite songs which was too old for my age to even know what does that really mean. So, I stop singing and never do it again. I was able to finish my primary and junior high school without even trying to show them that I’m actually good in singing well except from the graduation songs but they don’t really notice it because they were also singing that time so I’m safe from humiliation.

On the other hand, my drawing skills is quite progressing up until now. Actually, I started having fun in drawing at the age of five as well and unlike in singing, I never stop improving it. I started creating figures in 3D when I was in grade one and slowly, I jump in to draw and enhance it by sketching anime characters but I don’t want to apply color on it cause I’m not that good in coloring yet. Then I got bored in sketching a lot of anime characters with references so I tried to recreate and use my own imagination in creating my own piece of art and luckily, it turns out that I’m good at it.  Then in my senior high school time, I started to paint, I use acrylic, oil and pastel sometimes, at this point in time I started to create much more realistic scenery like a portrait of somebody or a full landscape view. I enjoyed it because finally I learned how to use coloring rightfully and creatively.

Speaking of senior high time, finally, I regain my self-steam and slowly start to sing again then it goes smoothly, in my early term in grade 12, I finally sing in front of my classmates, true that I almost devoured by my nervousness but still I finished the song and thankfully they liked it. Then that was when I realized that you should show the world of what you can do with your talents though I’m not saying that I am really good but at least I have the voice. Now in my college time, they are already of my voice and sometimes we jam if there are free time. Recently one of our acquaintances invited me to sing for her wedding and so far, I got it right. Oh……. It’s really nice to embrace God’s gift.

By the way, I’ve been earning from my paintings and drawings for quite some time now and it’s really good to earn and enjoy at the same time. Here are some of my work which I choose to keep because I like them too much;

Say hello to Ichigo Kurosaki- hollow mask form. I drew it when I was in Senior High just to kill my boring day.

Here he is again. It doesn't seems like he's my favorite character isn't it? ha!ha!ha!

Meet the strongest Espadas!

Say Hi to Wat Arun Temple or the temple of dawn located at Bangkok.

This painting was commissioned at the price of PHP 500.00 though it may not look like as the exact temple in reality but it was commissioned that way.

Now this is my unfinished business. I wasn't able to finish it because I was out of paint hopefully I can finished it. This was commissioned for about PHP 1000 plus by the way.

That's it for my story about my talent, remember when you honed yours, someday you might use it not just for fun but for a real source of income. Have a good day!

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