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Time to execute your LARYNX Delegation! - SPK Network

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1 month ago

The day has finally come! After a short period of public testing, now it's officially possible to delegate your LARYNX tokens to your preferred node operators!

Do you need some help?

If you need a step by step tutorial on how to proceed, you can check my previous post on "How to: Power Up and Delegate your LARYNX", where I show the entire process.

Before starting, keep in mind that to interact with your dlux wallet you'll need Hive Keychain installed, as I haven't seen an option to use HiveSigner.

Also, remember not to lock your LARYNX, as locking liquidity is only intended for node operators: choose "Power Up", as described in the aforementioned guide.

Is everything working fine?

As in the test delegation some days ago, even today everything went fine and smooth.

If you are familiar with Hive, you won't have any difficulties completing the delegation, as it works in the same way you power up and delegate your HIVE.

If you are not familiar with Hive... well, you won't have any difficulties too, as the SPK Network team has kept everything easy and there isn't any particular ability or knowledge required.

LARYNX Delegation succesfully executed!

Even if I'm a very small, small, small (I already said "small"!?) fish, I delegated my LARYNX token this morning.

My liquid LARYNX, ready to be powered up!

LARYNX powered up! Take note of the 4 weeks needed to power down your tokens

LARYNX delegated: now I can rest and slowly get some SPK at an APR of 0.015%

Now it's your time to act!

If you have some LARYNX and you want to support the project, take your LARYNX (or get some on and delegate to one (or more) node operator.

Check my previous post on "How to: Power Up and Delegate your LARYNX" if you need some help.

Then, make a post yourself on Hive or a video on 3speak about your delegation to join the "Call to Action" and stand a chance to get an upvote from the @theycallmedan (post) and @threespeak (video) accounts.

Useful links:

Article available on:

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1 month ago
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