The Boys Are Coming Back To Grove Street... Are They Ready For The Splinterlands Weekly Challenge?

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While the Pre-Sale of the Chaos Legion started a few days ago and I desperately look for a Voucher that doesn't cost like my car (just kidding... my car is cheaper... as I haven't a car ūüėā), a new Weekly Challenge showed up, asking us to fight once again for glory (and upvotes!).

But hey, it seems there's something more! Gangs, knives, punches, what's going on!?

Let's find out!

First, let's give a look at the card we are called to play this week: it's a neutral card available to everyone, the little but tricky Elven Cutthroat

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An elf that, apparently, likes to cut throats... mmmh, not like the average Santa Claus elf, I hope... Maybe he's way more similar to a gangster, isn't he?

And if you like elfs, you can also team up this friendly boy with two other free-to-play neutral elfs:

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This way you just set up your personal elven gang... and you are ready to rule non other than Grove Street!

 GTA The Trilogy incoming, just sayin'

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And what's a better start of our gangster career than gathering the family and going out for a nice walk, a cold beer and some punches?

 The family reunited once agai

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With the boys finally together, nothing seems impossible! So, let's start this brawl and find out who has the bigger dic... uh... dictionary!

And don't forget your metal baseball bat! You never know if someone is going to say something about your Mama.


Elven Cutthroat, the skinnier boy of the team, has +1 melee damage and +1 health, so it is quite fragile; on the other hand, however, his Sneak ability and high velocity make it a good addition to your team if your aiming at your opponent's backlines... he will focus in taking down the "brain" of the enemy team, while the big boys do most of the dirty job in the frontlines.


25 Mana - Standard Rules

As summoner, I chose Mother Khala: the family will fight for her and defend her honor, while she will increase by +1 her boys' max health... so they can take some more punches before falling on the floor!

As monsters my gang-lineup was made up by:

  • Elven Defender: his high health and armor make him the ideal big boy to be sent forward to instill fear in the enemy gang

  • Elven Mystic: with his magic (at the 11th beer you can even believe you have magic powers) can attack from any position and help the Elven Defender in his brawl against the enemy tank

  • Parasitic Growth: a gang needs some cannon fodder and with his¬†Opportunity¬†ability this henchman can turn really useful

  • Elven Cutthroat: our little boy, who brought some blades in the brawl and one day will put all the¬†family¬†in trouble...

  • Feral Spirit: more cannon fodder, because we are a real gang and we love the¬†Sneak¬†ability, which allows our boy to hit where it hurts the most


First round saw my boys knocking down two opponents: they thought they could fly enough high to dodge my attacks, but they ended up eating dust on the floor!

Meanwhile, my big boy, the Elven Defender, took some serious hit, but he was still stending protecting his family... he can do it all day!

Or maybe not... after an other hit (and beer), the Elven Defender collapsed, leaving my boys without his strength.

The second round saw also the fall of a 3rd opponent (an other very drunk guy), which allowed my gang to mantain a steady superiority on the ground.

In the following rounds, the two gangs kept exchanging punches and bad words: Elven Mystic and Parasitic Growth were the next ones to fall, but they were followed my other two opponents, leaving - for the last rounds - two of my boys full of anger for their fallen brothers against a Peaceful Giant who didn't even know what he was doing there...

My boys took home to their Mama the win! The first win after a long time, the first win finally together as in the old days!


The gang fought well, even if it was out of shape.

Everyone helped during the fight and no one was useless, even if this was a quite strange team (surely not one you can usually find in the meta!).

The Elven Cutthroat survived till the end of the match and did some nice tricks with his blades.

Well done gang! Grove Strett families are back!

Link to the battle.

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