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The Power of Marketing in Refund Token

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Before you start any Company or any kind of Project, blockchain ones are included: it’s good to write down a Business Plan.

The first part of Business Plan is description of Idea and preliminar study of factibility.

Then the first big study that you are supposed to do is a Marketing Study.

When I was studying at the Univesity a long time ago, our profesor told us that at least 50% of success of any Company will depend on Marketing. If you are only focusing on numbers, Human Resources that's not a guarantee of success. Wrong target or bad customer service may end up with any company.

A lot of people confuse Advertising and Promotion with the whole concept of Marketing. Advertising and Promotion is only one part of Marketing but not its 100%.

Marketing consists of the big 4 P’s:

Product (or Service)


Place (Supply Chain)


More categories have been added to this concept, but these are the most important ones.

RFND Investment has done new efforts in our marketing department:

1) We have recently hired Marketing coordinators who will be delegating and coordinating tasks with the rest of Marketing tallent. The purpose of this restructure is to delegate and descentralize the decision making in our Company and promote more eficient marketing.

2) We are promoting new alliances with other SLP tokens; we will have mutual collaboration with:

TBS Token

HAM Token

VENT token

Chocolate Token

These tokens are relatively new ones but since their inception they have been actively promoting RFND token, therefore they deserve our attention.

3) This Saturday, October 3rd at 3 PM UTC we will have our Third Tipping Party.

Have you ever been to RFND party?

What I can tell you is that they are wild, full of SLP enthusiasm, fun and full of free SLP cryptos. This time there will be 300 Chocolate, 5,000 Rnew, 8,000,000 RFND, 20,000,000 Honk and 50,000 Ham to be given away.

I didn’t realize that people liked them that much, therefore we keep on doing new editions.

4) The lauch of new Staking App:

RFND Investment is in the final phase of design of our staking app; we will start in few days with the process of development which may take up to 3 months due to its complex features.

All the relevant details around this app will be shared few weeks before its launch.

5) Price:

RFND token has evolved into Official Price formulation where the price depends on our trading performance vs circulating supply emission. This price has guaranteed stability of this popular SLP token, however produced a certain undervaluation on the long run.

This current undervaluation represents interesting opportunities for new investors.

Our price has been increasing through the year but we have been also recognizing effects of wild bears in the recent weeks, so therefore there isn’t an eternal bull run of RFND token.

However we are getting ready to complete transition into the forces of demand and supply. We are checking 2 exchanges to promote exchange listing for RFND by December 2020.

We never take for granted that the price of RFND will skyrocket on exchange, it will depend on the market’s acceptance towards our new products and services and future crypto market sentiment.

6) New Partnerships

We are opened to new partnership, dealing important strategic alliances and mutual Project collaboration between companies.

7) Eco & Social Responsibiliy

We start working on funding projects to help more actively to street animals of Mexico who are in desesperate need of effective solutions and support to animal rescuers.

We believe that certain % of revenues shall be delivered back to Universe because we are only temporary managers of collective wealth.

8) RFND Outreach Group

RFND has created RFND Outreach Group on Telegram which promotes effective share of articles, videos and tweets not only on RFND, but also other distinguished blockchain projects such as Zapit and Uptrennd.

Members of Outreach Group have received tips in RFND for their collaboration.

Zapit has become our first sponsor to promote our Outreach Group. Zapit token is being currently considered as a hard SLP currency. (1 ZAPT = 3 1UP aprox.).

9) We have been honoured to be mentioned by Jamie Redman as one of the most popular SLP token in

And we are also sponsoring Yoshi Livo’s Honkler’s Hangout as well. It’s been also a great experience to appear on BCH anniversary last month.

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Written by   30
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