Revealing the mystery of my friend's death(first part)

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9 months ago

I have already told you that one of my friends has committed suicide, I did not know the secret of why he died. But now I know why my friend committed suicide.

Today I met a friend named Ronnie. I was coming to the hostel after finishing my tuition, after walking some distance from the student's house, I heard a call from behind. I thought no one was calling me, because I had very few friends in town.

I heard a call from behind again, this is Apex. After hearing the call I turned around and saw my friend Ronnie calling me.


I approached his with great interest, for I was anxious to know the secret of Shishir's death. He is coming towards me with a smile on his face.

After After coming to me he asked : How are you friend?

I said I'm fine, and how are you?

He said I'm fine too.

Where are you going friend?

I said, I came to tuition and now I am going to hostel. And where are you coming from?

He said, I went to work, now I am going to the room.

He told me, there is a tea shop in front of my friend, let's sit down and have tea.

I already wanted to have tea, so I agreed to my friend's words.


The two friends sat together in the tea shop and started the story while having tea.

He asked me, how is my day going?

I said by the grace of God it is going well.

I deliberately pulled the topic of dew in front of him.

I asked him, how many days is Shishir dying?

He thought for a while and replied, almost a week has passed.

I asked him if he had committed suicide or if someone had killed him. Because Shishir lived in a hostel with his friend in town.

In our country students sometimes die due to political reasons. He is said to have committed suicide after being killed. Which is why I asked him if anyone had killed Shishir.

Ronnie said, "No, Shishir committed suicide. No one killed him."

I asked, "Do you know why he committed suicide at all?" He said, "Yes, I know."

I said: Then tell me.

He just told me that for a girl and at that moment his phone rang.

He got up to talk on the phone, then slowly walked out of the tea shop. I also paid for the tea and went out with him.

He told me, there are many stories, I will tell you later, now I have a job, I told you yesterday, I have to go now. I went now.

Ronnie left, I went to the hostel too, but my mind was not completely at peace, because the whole incident is still unknown to me.

I will try to know the whole story tomorrow, because my soul is not satisfied if I do not know the whole story.

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9 months ago


I am from Muslim religious. Our religious don't support Suicide. Its the biggest sin who do suicide. Its battle ground. We have to face many problems. If we are not matching with this we should move another place. Please nobody do suicide.

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9 months ago

I also come from a Muslim family so I did not support commit suicide.

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9 months ago