Releasing Negative Emotions & Limiting Beliefs at the Root

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2 years ago

Confidence is one of the main foundational principals that can bridge the gap between you and your goal.

We are often taught that gaining new skills, using positive affirmations and visualizing positive outcomes will help us achieve that unwavering confidence.

Although these are all extremely powerful tools and techniques that I personally use on a Daily Basis, there is a missing ingredient we often don't see being talked about.

The First Step: Release Work

What makes Release Work such an important first step in the process of achieving your goals?

If you have a limiting belief such as "I'm not good enough"... your goal will be filtered through your disempowering belief system, and so will your results. And yes, you guessed it! You can expect your results to come out cloudy.

This is why it is so critical to Release Negative Emotions and Limiting Beliefs BEFORE setting goals, taking action and building focus.

How do we reset our system?

One most powerful and fastest ways to achieve this is what I call a Personal Breakthrough Session.

During a Breakthrough Session my clients uncover those deep rooted negative emotions and limiting beliefs that prevent them from Being the person they are meant to Be, Doing the things they want to Do, in order to Have all those things they truly Desire.

There are many ways to release negative emotions and limiting beliefs.

I like the Mental & Emotional Releaseยฎ technique because it allows my clients to Release Baggage easily and effortlessly at the Root Cause of the Problem.

The reason MERยฎ is so easy and effortless is because it works at the sub-conscious level, and releases the problem at the root. Just like those annoying weeds you might have growing in your backyard, your repressed Anger, Sadness, Fear, Hurt and Guilt, along with any Trauma or Limiting Belief needs to be pulled out by the root for it to stop growing back.

Release Work is the Key Principle that Creates Inertia and an Empowering Foundation that Results in Unwavering Confidence and Congruency.

You might just find thatโ€ฆ

Taking Action will Excite You

Obstacles will no longer seem like a Challenge.

Positive Affirmation and Focus based Techniques will help you Build on top of your ALREADY Empowering Belief System.

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2 years ago