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What a ride!! I am so happy, and greatful right now!

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1 year ago

So I posted an article yesterday.

What a ride! What a rush! I have had the most wonderful day in a very long time today. I have been on an emotional roller coaster and I’m still not sure the adrenaline has completely left my system yet. If you follow my postings on read cash here and specifically happened to catch my last post here, you know I’ve so far been happily augmenting my tiny budget with a little bit of extra with which to do things with my kid that I normally cannot afford. A trip to McDonald's every once in a while, that sort of thing.

What a way to start the day!

So when I opened up the site this morning, planning on posting up part 9 of my fanfiction story, I couldn’t believe what I saw. The amount in my account was equivalent to 2 years of my normal budget (after rent and utilities)! When I say I couldn’t believe what I saw, I literally mean that I didn’t believe it. I refreshed the page three times. Then I logged off, closed firefox, opened edge, and logged back in. But still the same result!


This sent me into a kind of panic mode. My mind actually blanked and I went into some sort of autopilot. With the experiences I've had in the past my first instinct was to withdraw and cash as soon as humanly possible to make sure it couldn’t be taken away from me! Luckily there aren’t any BCH ATMs near me yet and depositing BCH straight onto my bank account isn’t yet possible either. If that’d been possible I probably would have!

Calm down! Breath!!

As it was by the time the BCH reached my BCH wallet the gears in my head slowly started turning again, and the next thing I did was turn off the computer, and sat down on the couch, taking slow deep breaths to calm down. I needed to calm down, think rationally and with the rush, I was having at that time I luckily realized I wasn’t in the best frame of mind to make decisions on things that mattered.

What happened?

An hour or two later I felt I had calmed down enough to trust my own judgment again and I returned to my computer and started to investigate. What had happened, where did the BCH come from, and more importantly; what was the smartest next move? It turns out that my post had gotten on the radar of Mr. Marc De Mesel! To be honest, until this morning I wasn’t completely convinced the stories about his generosity on read cash, to support BCH adoption and the growth of read cash was true. But they are because he rewarded not just yesterday's article but multiple articles I have posted here over the past few months!

So now what?

So I had found out what happened and where the BCH came from but realizing it came from Mr. De Mezel made me pause and think. It made me resist the urge to cash it all in and spend it on presents for my son, upgrade to my computer, and to replace that microwave oven that should have been replaced last year. That would have felt good to do, would have brought great joy to my son, me, and my food for a while.


But was it the smart thing to do?

Would it be what Mr. De Mezel would want me to do with it?


I decided that it probably wasn’t. So again I sat back and started to think it through. As I understand it, Mr. De Mezel awards authors that post on read cash because he wants to advance BCH adoption and reward original content. He also is an advocate of HODL-ing I think, but I’m not completely sure of that, or why.

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So here’s what I have decided to do with my reward:

Make My kid smile some more!

I will take a small portion, 10%, of it and cash it in. This I will spend on doing something with my kid (I’m thinking a trip to the Zoo or a museum or something) and create some good memories together. I am almost sure a pizza will be involved. ;)

The rest though I am going to HODL for now. While I HODL it I will take the time to do some searching and learning, into what the best way is so I can support the growth of the BCH community and the adoption of the BCH. I also will try to learn more about Mr De Mezel, or more specifically learn FROM Mr. De Mezel.

I want to use his rewards as best I can, and if possible use them to make more BCH, or use it to benefit the BCH and its community.

If I could and he would accept me I would become his Padawan learner but I guess the internet will have to do.


How and what I end up doing with the remaining BCH, and the results that will bring me I shall of course share with all of you here as it develops. It was read cash, and its community (yes you!) that made this possible!

As for now, I will end this post with the following:

Thank you Mr. Marc De Mezel!

Words cannot express the happiness your rewards have given me today alone, let alone the joy and happiness it will bring to me and my son going forward! I am indebted to you and if there is ever anything I can do for you, although I cannot imagine what, you only need to ask. I am at your service.

I had planned on saying a lot more but I realize that if I did I would be rambling, and only embarrass myself so I will not, except for once again saying:

Thank you Mr. De Mezel! Thank you very much!

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Written by   127
1 year ago
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You're a great dad! Congratulations, sir Marc sent some BCH again😁

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1 year ago

It's fact that to attain something bigger you will have to wait and prove yourself before the mob. You will have to do make strenuous effort,but sometimes smart work, in order to materialize your purposes. You got so lucky in that case.

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1 year ago

I'm going to continue to do what i did so far: Write stuff i want to write, and hope is interesting for others to read. I'll do that regardless of rewards, views, sponsors or subscriptions. Gonna write it anyway so might as well post it. If it gets me something then it's great, if it doesn't at least what i wrote is on the internet, for posperaty.

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1 year ago

This is the way of positivity. Through this way nature also becomes friendly to reward us. Stay always bold Like this

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1 year ago