Boiling Blood

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I just like to share an old movie actually a Pilipino Movie that i watched last night in CiNeMo the original title is [Kumukulong Dugo] The stars of this films are Ronnie Rickets, Edu Manzano, and their leading ladies in the films are Amy Perez and Cherry Pie Picache while the bad guys in this movie are consist of some biggest name in showbiz are Eddie Guttierez and Bembol Rocco. This movie was released on 1991 which was directed by the great Augusto Salvador.

The story was about Edu Manzano as Marco and Ronnie Rickets as Hector which from the start of the movie a scene that starts the whole story is when a girl that supposed to get married by his fiancee get in a house where she saw there her fiancee together with another girl on bed. And because of too much anger in her heart he shot to death her fiancee but the lover he did not shoot with her gun.

And because of that instances She got to jail while the other woman of her ex got paranoid because of what happen and become mentally ill and got to a mental hospital. And apart from what happen the two girl is both pregnant with that same guy that was killed by a gun shot by her fiancee and they both give birth on their children on other ways the other is on the correctional while the other gives birth on the mental hospital and their children are Hector which is the son of the girl that become mentally ill while Marco is the son of the girl who killed her fiancee.

So as time flies and the two step brother grow up in seperate ways the mother of Marco already died in the jail while the mother of hector is still alive but did not able to get cured on his mental illness and still staying in the mental hospital. They both grow up with pain in their hearts for revenge for what happened in their lives.

Both grows up in the street and did not able to finish school because lack of having a family and guidance of a mother and a father. Marco became a leader of a group of holdappers they bank robs and do all the illegal jobs. While Hector became a notorius Car napper. The two cross paths when the group of Marco holds a bank robbery and then suddenly Hector appear and car napped a vehicle that supposed to be getaway car of the group of bank robbers led by Marco so when the robbers about to escape one of them already throw the money that they stole from the bank to the car but surprised that the driver is Hector so by surprised that there is money he drive very fast the car to go away but the group of Marco chase them until they finally catch them but the police is coming so they have no choice but to escape together and just split the money and then they're friendship starts with out knowing that they are related to each other and they are the person looking for a long time.

So they become partners in crime robbing banks and stealing cars and everything goes well with their partnership until they were get a deal from Bembol Rocco to double crossed his boss in a transaction of heroine which is Eddie Guttierez . So they make the job but Bembol was known by his boss and killed and said their names and they were get by the syndicate and get hostage utill they did not give the heroine which they hide. While on the custody of the syndicate feeling that they are going to die they speak to each other about their personal lives and then they know that they are related and then they fight each other beat until one is almost die but Hector managed to escape and then comeback with a help of their group to rescue Marco and then they become good of friends. The End.

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