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About PPhaysical Exercise

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1 year ago

Intro: Phaysical exercise is the regular movement of the limbs of our body. It is essential to keep our body fit.Human body is like a machine. We can't keep our body fit without taking Phaysical exercise.

Verious kinds of Phaysical Exercise : Thare are many kinds of Phaysical exercise. Such as walking, raching, swemming, rowing, riding, gymnastic, wrestling e.t.c.

are good from of exercise. Modern games such as football, cricket, hockey, tennis, e.t.c. and country games such as Ha-du-du, dariya bandha, gollachut e.t.c are also good from of exercise.

Suitable Time of Phaysical Exercise: Morning and afternoon are the suitable time for taking Phaysical exercise. But the afternoon is the most scientific time for exercise. Exercise must not be practiced at noon.

Usefulness of Phaysical exercise : A sound mind in a sound body.If tge body is unsound the mind must be unsound. Exercise develops our the parts of the body. It makes me active and refreshes my mind. It also improves our digestion power.

Bad effects of Phaysical Exercise : All forms of exercises are not suitable for all men. A weak of old man should not takes part football or hickey. It is harmful for him. There are people who work hard need not take Phaysical exercise.

So, Health is the root of all happiness. We must take Phaysical exercise for our good health.

Thank you all for reading my post.

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Physical health is good for health

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