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Exercise to increase height

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Age is increasing but height is not increasing. If so, there is no end to the worries. No matter how hard you try to get taller then. Yes - there is no end to frustration. Yes! And if I could be a little taller. But you can increase your height by doing some simple exercises. But where is that time. Nowadays, boys and girls usually do not get time to exercise. One preoccupation after another surrounds them. Spend time with school, homework and television or computer games.Even then, there is no reason to worry. Because there is no need for extra time to exercise to get taller. Even in studies, one can improve one's height with light exercise.

One leg jump method-

1. This is the easiest method. It can be done easily at any time and in any place. There is no need for a specific place in the corner. This exercise can be done indoors or outdoors. Even while studying. If you don't have enough time, you can get better on the way to go somewhere. You have to jump with one foot keeping both hands towards the sky. At least 8 or 10 steps to jump on one leg. Now you have to do it on the other leg. If you exercise regularly, you will get great results. It benefits the brain. It affects the hormones of height increase as it increases the strength of the legs.

Hanging exercises-

2.Hang a rod or something in the corner. At this time the toes should be placed towards the ground and above the face. This exercise helps to increase height and strengthens the arms and shoulders. It also increases digestion.

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