Love: A Thorny Rose

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On a day like this when everyone talks about love,I bet you that only few understand what it means to love. Funny enough,the world propagates a love that it doesn't understand.

The best depiction or understanding of love is simply that of a rose 🌹 embedded in thorns. We can't hope for more than that. It's beautiful and glamorous yes!. But then it's thorny and its roads are very bumpy. You will fall so many times,but your ability to rise up against all the negatives will make you succeed.

The thorn in the rose of love symbolises the suffering that goes with loving someone. That's why they say that love is like a sacrifice. But that again is also misunderstood.

How can you say love is sacrifice yet no one wants to be the victim?

Have you seen any sacrifice without a victim?

That's why we have high divorce rates in our world today because no one wants to be the victim who sacrifices for the sake of love

Every sacrifice requires the presence of the priest and the victim which is used to offer the sacrifice. But our world of today propagates a love which is devoid of being the victim in the sacrifice of love.

Love is actually sacrifice and everything about it entails the giving of oneself into loving the other person unconditionally.

That giving of oneself to the other cannot be possible without the spirit of sacrifice because it's in it that we give ourselves in love to the other person. This requires that you have to be ready to have the victim's mindset

A wiseman once said that "Love is the priest and we are the victim"

But what's having the victim's mindset like?

This simply means that you should be able to tolerate everything that is being done to you and try very hard to turn the negative ones into positivity for the sake of that sacrifice called love.

This is actually a hard philosophy or teaching but fortunately, this is very true and has always yielded great results wherever applied.

After watching the popular American movie "Fireproof " I actually thought that all that was just for the sake of making excellent fictional movies that don't play out in real life. But until I experienced a similar situation in the life of a couple in my neighbourhood , I went back to observe the movie for the second time. But then this time,I realized that the movie was coined from a true life story.

Most of us are not ready for this thing called love. This is because it requires alot of responsibility, dedication and sacrifice.

Apart from the butterflies that you feel in your stomach when you are in love, there's also a stomach upset that follows suit

The blood rush you get from blushing are actually what prepares you for the teary nights and blurry days.

Most of us are actually joining the love sector for the sole sake of being loved and not to love. We now approach it with a well strategized business mentality well planned and calculated (This includes me).

Our first concern will always be " what will I get from this relationship or marriage?. That's why most people see it basically as a contract.

Our world will only get better when both partners in love understand and accept to be the victim rather than being right all the time and seeking for gain. Only then will marriages be saved and love will flourish

Until then, let's pray for a better world filled with a love that is sacrificial and selfless.

Happy Lovers Day

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