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The Beginning of Love

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2 years ago

It's fun to feel like every day you see your loved one happy, it's just that I'm satisfied. It's just that I'm happy to put that smile on my face. For almost ten years of constant prayer, I finally reached my dream. To see the woman I love. And that's Reena.

My co-worker, land agent like me. Beautiful and super white. Cotton cotton candy. Come on! is wrong. Pink shovel of cotton candy.Sorry sorry hehe. I even remember the first time I saw her. Jokeskopo! I was still in the office, and before that time and I was looking for someone I could see if his boss was at the table near the window, when I first saw him. She was siting in front of the computer, busy typing. I didn't even see her in her face, because she had long straight hair. I came, I said

"Miss can you ask?"

Surprised, he suddenly close what he is doing and then he looks at me. Then suddenly he said

"How can I help you sir?"

It was a breeze and it went right through the scene, like a scene in a lovestory movie. She was looking at me as her hair slowly danced due to the wind coming in through the window.That was the first time I saw her eyes. It was looking straight into my eyes as he described his sweet smile. I feel like I've reached out to her eyes and there's no chance I'll ever be able to leave, if anything. I will choose to stay. Forever.

Damn it! That was the most delicious "how can I help you sir" I've heard in my entire life. Priceless! I can't even say a single word in those instances. Contrary to what was happening in my heart over and over again, the lyrics of a famous song Thank God I found you were repeated.

"Hi, I'm Miko, I'm new here. Can you point out the boss's office?"

"So are you okay? By the way, I'm Ms. Reena. Your new partner" As he reached out his hand to exchange hands.

If you're lucky, then. When the blessings really come at once. You've got a new job, you're still a good partner, you've got your hands on your future. Oh diba? Heaven on Earth.

"That's fine, the boss is still busy meeting his clients. While you wait, ifill up

don't have your temporary ID first "

Ouch! This is the part I hate most about everyone. grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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Written by   13
2 years ago
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nice one author keep on posting more

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Nice article keep writing more

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