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Travelling, its benefits and travelling during covid-19 (1)

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7 months ago

People say money can’t buy happiness and I do agree with them but if I look at it from the other way then they might be wrong, how? Let me tell you how.

Money may not buy happiness but it could buy you a passport, visa, ticket, car, or bike with which you could travel around the world and I guess it’s a synonym for happiness. Traveling for other people is going from one place to another but for me, it’s happiness that you can buy with money.

I mean who doesn’t love to travel? Of course, we all do, we humans love to travel and there are different reasons behind it.

We, humans, are curious creatures we’re curious about everything so we travel to different places out of curiosity, to know more about the people, the place and try different things to see how it will work for us.

Also, we want an escape from everything, at some point in life or other we feel the need for an escape from the people around us, from ourselves or from the place we’re living in, so we try traveling to different places to escape from where we have been all our life, that’s what I believe, but there are many other reasons why people travel.

People Travel to different parts of the world to get a better education.

They travel for business purposes, to find a better job, to make a deal with persons from different part of the world outside the country.

People living abroad, travel to meet their friends and family on different occasions.

Some people travel because it’s their hobby, they just love to travel some find adventure in traveling some find peace, some find knowledge and some people find themselves when they travel from their side of the world to other places.🖤

So is traveling a good thing? Well of course it is, Travelling is like getting an education it has so many benefits it’s not just about going from place to place and having fun it’s about so much more. So here are some benefits of Travelling that will make you realize what were you missing till now by not traveling around the world.

Travelling is education

When I say traveling is education I do not just say but actually mean it. Travelling gives us experience and experience is the best teacher. When we Travel to different places we get to know so much more about the world, the people, their culture, customs, about their way of living, their food and so much more. We get to know how things work in different places, what is the way of living of the people in other parts of the world.

You make new friends

When we visit new places, we meet new people we get to know them and let them know about us, we make a bond with them they become our friends they guide us to tell us about their place and customs they make us feel like we're in our place and that's where we erase the global Gap between us and come closer to the world community.

Relaxation of Mind

Traveling works as a healer for us. From a tiring daily life routine, we get a break we go somewhere else, change our routine for good, feel different things, come out of our comfort zone, look at life from a different way, relax our mind and it does wonders for us.

We become independent

When we Travel solo, we find ourselves in the journey, we become independent. When we're far away from home from our comfort zone we have to deal with the new things all by ourselves that's when we realize what we are truly capable of. We do our work by ourselves, we face some situations in new places and we automatically become brave and handle the situations without getting help by someone else and it makes us independent And responsible and that feeling is beautiful

Find thrill in life

When we Travel to different places we have fun, make friends, try different new things, things that we have never tried before, things that are adventurous and we get thrilled we get to know that life is about so much more than just sitting around in one place and school and college or jobs.

Health Benefits of Travelling

Traveling is not just about fun and knowing about people and making friends it has great effects on our mental and physical health as well. Like I said it relaxes our mind but it not just help us in restoring our mental peace and help us in dealing with depression it also have a great effect on our physical health

Many scientific studies have proven that Travelling have great and positive effects on health.

It can decrease the risk of heart diseases and high blood pressure and mind stress too, even if you're dealing with the above-mentioned health issues traveling will help you to fight with them and decrease them.

Also when you Travel it makes you healthy and fit because you're physically and mentally active during the Travelling and are on a continuous exercising period.

Memories and happiness

The most important of all traveling makes you happy and gives you endless memories to remember that with passing time or for the rest of our lives when we remember it makes us happy. Life is too short for regrets and wondering what if we do this or that, what if we travel, don't waste it on just thinking about things you want to do, take some courage and just do it.

Travelling is living your life to the fullest and enjoy it. This was the introductory part of my Thesis

"Traveling, it's benefits and travelling during covid-19"

In the next part of my thesis I'll tell you about how could you Travel safely during covid-19, so stay tuned.


Travelling is important

Benefits of Travelling

Scientifically proven health benefits of Travelling

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Written by   252
7 months ago
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Traveling is hard especially during this time. We shouldn't risk our lives and other people's lives.

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