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Traveling during covid-19

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1 year ago
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Hello everyone I hope you guys are having a good day

So in my previous article we talked about what is Travelling and what are the benefits of Travelling. You can check my previous post here.


So if you've made your mind about Travelling it's great but let me give you guys a quick reminder of the current situation of the world. We all know that we're living in a global pandemic situation and it was restricted to travel to any part of the world a few months ago, but now in most of the countries, we're allowed to travel only if we follow the precautions and keep ourselves and our Travel fellows safe.🖤

So here are some precautions that if you follow, you're ready to travel around the world without any tension of being caught by Corona virus.

​Check your health

Okay, so the very first thing you should do is to check your health, test yourself if you're not feeling well if you have any covid symptoms like cough, flu, or breathing issues, or even if it's just a fever, do not Travel. If your health is not good even the staff at the airport won't allow you to travel because like this you're not only gonna make yourself but the rest of the passengers in trouble too.

If it's necessary to Travel or you badly need a vacation you could wait for few Days nothing is more important than health, take good care of yourself and when you feel better, Travel.

Chose the right mean for Travelling

If you've decided to travel and go on a vacation, and your health is good the next thing would be what to do during the Travelling?

First of all chose the right mean for Travelling, if possible go by the roadway in your vehicle, but If you don't have one I would recommend a plane because it's the safest to Travel you can maintain the distance from other passengers to keep yourself and them out of any risk. But if the only option you can have is either by train or bus, try to maintain the distance from others, keep wearing your mask don't shake hands, and look for the safest place to sit.

Wear your mask, take medicines and sanitizer with you.

I hope you haven't forgotten about the most important things before Travelling, your mask, and sanitizer. Keep wearing your mask during the whole journey, don't touch anything if possible sanitize your hands after every 20 to 30 minutes, and take necessary medicines with you just in case.

Don't forget about social distancing

If you reach the destination and you want to travel around to see the place and people, Don't forget about the social distancing, don't get too close to people and maintain 6 feet distance from them. You can make your life or theirs at risk by not maintaining the distance so keep that in mind by doing this you're keeping them safe and yourself as well.

Look for the covid-19 symptoms in you or the people you're traveling with or meeting with, if any one of them is showing any symptoms of covid-19, recommend them to a good doctor get him tested and stay away from him.

Avoid going to crowded places

During Travel, we might go to places where a crowd of people is already present to see the beauty of that place so avoid going to such places because it's hard to follow the sops in crowded places so I won't recommend going there in covid, you could wait for the right time when there is less crowd then you could go and enjoy without any risk.

Eat healthy food maintain a good immune level

We all know that the weakest you are the more are your chances to get attacked by coronavirus so keep yourself healthy and eat healthy food. When you're in a new place with new people you have to take care of your health and food the most, you should go to a clean place where people are following the sops and are surviving healthy food.

Don't touch your eyes or face

It's strictly forbidden to touch your eyes or face during the covid-19 season, you should keep your hands away from your face and sanitize them after every few minutes.

Keep in contact with your family and friends

Keep in contact with your family and friends, let them know you're taking care of yourself, enjoying your traveling, and doing great.

You should keep that in mind if you don't follow these simple steps you might get your self covid-19 positive, and put your life and the life of others in danger, so don't forget to follow the sops and have a safe journey

Happy Travelling 🖤

The complete post is written by me after reading about the main safety precautions used by people all around the world to protect themselves from Covid-19.

The header image is a collage made by me from the free images of unsplash.

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Written by   275
1 year ago
Topics: Journey
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Keep safe ma'am, you and your family. How nice that you can travel now during the pandemic. How I wish, all will be back to normal already. 😓

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1 year ago