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How does a community support the voice of its youth?

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1 year ago
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Hello everyone I hope you guys are having a great day πŸ–€

Do you know what is the importance of youth in a community?

And how much their voice matters?

Which community will grow more and will succeed in its motives?

The one that believes in children should obey they should listen but should not speak?

Or the community that believes in its youth give them chance to fly to speak their hearts out?

Of course the second one.

Youth is the most important part of any community and without supporting the voice of its youth a community won't be able to grow their youth will not be able to take the community ahead they'll learn to stay quiet and to quit easily

So if a community actually wants to grow then the main focus of it should be on its youth and their voice they should be there to listen and support the voice of its youth by giving them chances to speak and share their feelings and work for them

That's how a community grows. πŸ’œ



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1 year ago