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Whenever and wherever we are, we should never forget to look back on where we came from.

That’s what others keep on saying whenever they want to motivate someone to remain humble. To never boost, but inspire. To motivate everyone to do better instead of belittling someone with arrogance.

This sounds simple yet hard to absorb for those people who are straightly looking upon what they have and will possibly have in the future, and never tried to at least tilt their head to look back (metaphorically speaking).

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Sounds cliché, but this usually happens within a family. A typical story when the kids grow up and forget who raised them. They start to do such things that will cause disappointment to their parents without considering how much hard work their parents did to raise and put them in whatever position they are now. Yes, the kids should never be treated as an investment by those parents where raising them has corresponding pays, but as a child, will you not at least do the same things to your parents?

May it not be about money, but at least giving back all the sacrifices, efforts, love, and care?

Can you swallow that guilt of disregarding them just because you’re in a stable life now?

Will you not try to look back to your parents who are one of the main reasons upon where you are now?

Earlier, I was saddened by a real story of a handicraft’s seller.

She shared a story about her daughter who fought with them (the parents) because of personal issues. The daughter’s husband has been so arrogant and disrespectful to his wife’s parents. Even if they are all living on the same roof because the guy can’t provide his family’s own home even for 10 years of living together, he still had the guts to act rudely to his parents in law. What’s more saddening is that the daughter can’t weigh the situation properly and automatically sided with his husband even if he’s wrong in every angle (Is that what loyalty means?).

The guy has his own job but never gave at least a penny to his wife’s family, even if the parents are the ones taking care of everything inside the house, may it be financially and the grandchildren’s welfare. The guy was secretly keeping all his earned money and never used it to sustain his family’s needs so the parents were burdened to provide everything.

Now that the guy and his wife saved enough money for their family, they didn’t properly ask permission to build their own home. They just started to act rudely (even more) towards their parents and promise to never go back in that house because they’re going to build their home. Can’t they just talk in a good way when their plan is actually good? Yes, it’s an independent move, but is it required to act rudely towards their parents who helped them before?

The mother (handicraft’s seller) was crying earlier, especially because her daughter didn’t even acknowledge her as a mom before she went away with her husband and kids. The daughter didn’t acknowledge all her parents’ efforts of taking care of them all. She and her husband were very selfish, but fortunately, their kids were the ones who apologized and thanked their grandparents before they left.


It may not be demanded, but as a child, is it hard to acknowledge parents’ sacrifices? Is it hard to look and give back? Is pride more valuable than love?

Though, there’s an exception to this especially if the parents didn’t do their role for their kids. Those abusive parents who are the main reasons why their children aren’t living their best life. For those who experienced this, still look back. But make it a motivation to get up and be stronger.

Author's Note:

First of all, I want to say thank you for leaning your time to read this article. I hope, you gained valuable knowledge from it that may help you in whatever aspect you have there.

Second, thank you for those who are supporting me in my journey here. From my readers, sponsors, and friends, thank you for always being there.

Lastly, I hope we will all have a prosperous day everyday, and a life full of blessings from above. Godbless us all. ❤️

DATE PUBLISHED: August 2, 2022
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