The fidelity of a pet / Loving my fiorella

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How many times has it happened to us that we want to have in our arms again that pet that we have already lost, it is quite painful just thinking about it, even more so when they become part of your life.

My story with "Fiorella" was quite touching, she was very small, actually Pinschers by nature are very small dogs, but Fiorella was quite unique. For her there was no difference in size, no difference in gender let alone breed, anything that came near me to be bitten no matter what. She was very jealous and much more faithful than my husband certainly.

Fiorella came into my life after an aunt one day decided to give away the puppies of a pinscher she had, I was hesitant to raise a pet, I was always busy most of the day, finally I decided to keep her.

Fiorella grew up and as she did so did my love for her, little by little the little dog that came to my house as a stranger was going to become a special member in my home, I didn't really think she was going to become so important, maybe because I had never had a pet of my own and under my responsibility, but as I said, this pet came to my house to show me the way.

Fiorella made me understand that animals feel the same as us, I remember correctly one day of anguish I had my father sick, my anguish was so great that without wanting to, Fiorella received all that negative energy, she got sick, I had to look for a vet to examine her, my surprise was to hear that Fiorella had nothing, everything was emotional. Then I understood what had happened, my puppy had received all my shock and was suffering just like me. How can animals be more sympathetic than a person? For me they feel the same or more than us, I know that if my dog would have spoken that day she would have told me, Calm down everything is going to be ok, or maybe, stupid relax haha I really don't know, but I know that somehow she would have told me something.

Fiorella today is no longer with me, probably not a day goes by that I don't think about her, she was stolen from me, really whoever did that has no heart, I would like to understand what happens to those people who do that kind of thing. Although I don't know if Fiorella is alive or not, whenever I see a pinscher the first thing I think of is my puppy.

Another great memory I have of my beloved puppy, I have always liked to sleep in hammocks, I remember I always felt when I was sleeping how my Fiorella would hit me with her paws, then I would open the hammock and she would jump in. Haha that bitch really knew how to steal part of my heart.

On other occasions, where I would sit she would go and see me, then she would spin around and end up jumping on my legs and poor anyone who wanted to get close to me would get bitten. Haha but the best of all was when I was going to bathe her, she looked like a child, she knew that I was going to bathe her which I hated a lot, I had to bathe with her, it was the easiest way to keep her calm.

To be able to have a pet like Fiorella made me understand so many things, life is so short, sometimes so hard, maybe very stubborn, but it has a magic side, they are those unique moments that we can share with someone, moments of tranquility where we can reflect on so many things, moments with pets that make you understand that no matter the breed, for them there is no more happiness than to see us well, no matter how bad sometimes we treat them. They are faithful, they are honest. They are the reason for a pure and true love.

I cannot understand how there are people who want a pet to mistreat it, it is not fair that such kind animals have to be treated that way just because they do not speak, maybe they do not say a word in our language but I assure you that they try to communicate with us. Animals are more than that, only a few of us understand that sometimes humans are more animal than the race itself, sometimes we behave like primitive beings, not that I want to judge anyone, reality has given us to understand so many things that sometimes I feel more sorry for the pets that have had to live as slaves of some senseless subjects.

"In the darkest days of my history, I had the opportunity to meet the glory, she had four legs, she knew how to understand me perfectly, it was as if she felt in her own flesh what I felt, she knew that something was going on, then she would only ride her paw on my legs and with that sweet look, she would express the feeling of my sorrows, I understood so many times, that it's not the place, it's not the material, sometimes it's not the people, sometimes it's just a dog, that dog became an angel himself, he consoled me, he knew my pain and the best thing of all is that he shared it with me".

Although I was not going to express any words, I could feel the connection that my pet and I had, she had touched the deepest part of my being, she managed to unblock so many doors in my life, that today I can only thank her so much and ask that wherever she is, she is well. With the pain of my soul I am missing her. Knowing that I had a true companion. Yes life goes on, but sometimes they mark you, she was not a person, a little dog turned into a true angel.

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I consider animals to be very noble and faithful beings above all. But it is really worth having a pet where we can give all our affection.

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This is all very true.

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