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Humanity is a great religion in the World

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3 months ago

Are you still living at the place where & what your ancestors believed?

Do you believe that Humanity does matter first?

Do you have any good friend whose behaviour is very amicable to you?

Have you met someone whose religion is different to you, but you haven't complained about their religion and behaved as you behave with others?

Today, I opened my account while scrolling FB I saw many posts about Holi ( Holi is a very good festival in Non-Muslim communities ) they Enjoy it so much and believe that this day creates much pleasure in their life. They enjoy this festival with new zeal and zest they like to put different colours to one another they throw colour to one another. Not only children, but youth and an old aged ppl enjoy it very well.As we know that We are Muslims and Muslims have their beautiful festivals like Eid-ul-Fitr and some others. We enjoy our festival and consider them a blessing. Every religion has different festivals and way of enjoying we should try to participate so that we build a strong relationship with each other. Don't compare where you are and what kind of family you come from. What is your religion, caste, colour, creed and sects these things just create unhappy moments in our lives These things harm us? We should be united and never hurt one another. If you are Muslim You are absolutely good. If you are Non-Muslim you are also good If you are Christian you good too. We believe that we are the sons and daughters of Hazrat Adam and Eve. Then why you forget this thing and kill your brothers or sisters why you rape your sisters because of your useless materialistic wish. Pls stop the things and try to help one another. We have to acknowledge reality and proceed on. Blame, criticism, envy and hard behaviour these things are really like a devil. You are a Human being the Greatest Creature of God Don't be an animal or Devil and don't show your evil side. If someone hurt you just be patient God will give him punishment if you are Right. Anger just comes within you try to control it. I have many incredible companions all over the World. Most of them belong to non-Muslim communities & some of them are negro.Sometimes we speak on FB We feel very happy during our conversation. We respect one another. Sometimes I ask them about their religion as well as different types of festivals which they Enjoy. And Sometimes either, They ask me about my religion. And they're very impressed b'coz of my religion. They respect my religion very much. We try to share everything including our Knowledge without feeling guilty or unhappy. Without comparing caste, colour, creed, sect, or religion, because we know that these things are just meant to know one another. In my real life, I have some non-Muslim friends. Sometimes we study together, we eat together, we play together, we enjoy many aspects of life together. We feel very happy because We're good friends.They are kind,gentle,good,affable,companionable,agreeable,friendly,nice,amiable,and their behaviour are so amicable.They respect me very much & I always respect them. We have been seen for a long time in our societies that ppl don't like one another b'coz of their religion or colour. They always hurt many innocent people. Rich ppl don't like the poor. They think the poor are the useless creature of Allah. They don't love them. They always tease, blame, or abuse them. Why?

Dear friends, We are human beings. We're not animals we have a heart we can't see other ppl when they face many brutal things in his/her life. We must help one another in every case of life.

Nowadays We're facing many challenging. We're fighting against the pandemic Every country is trying their best, but the situation is getting worse day by day. Many doctors have been trying but there is no good response. Many poor ppl don't have a lot of money for cooking something and feed their children. They're living in acute poverty. Their children have been deceased due to malnutrition. This is real-time to prove that We're a real human. We can understand one another. We can help our innocent brothers & sisters Who need our help. Pls, try to help that kind of innocent ppl as much as you can so that they eat 3 times happily.

Humanity is a great religion in the World.

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Written by   21
3 months ago
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