Representatives of Bitcoin Cash.

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A representative is always stands for a Focal person who gives a statement or represent elsewhere on behalf of the head of institute. The role may vary from one place to another according to the situation.

BCH is well known Decentralised crypto which works in P2P transaction with very minor fee . It's structure based on blockchain technology and services are fast , transparent and accurate.

BCH has almost +400k representatives across the globe in just two communities. and Read cash. Non of other Crypto has such userbase with vast majority and massive adoption. These representatives doing awesome job in awareness and convenience.

Noise cash. is best alternative of Twitter where users post short massages , routine daily activities , market updates and photography. It becomes best hub of connectivity between people around the globe. If you drive through the time line , you will be surprised that one user says us good morning from new Zealand and sane time other saying good night from California . Both posts runs on same time. is place to explore our skills Infront of the world. It gives chance to show our potential and capabilities in any field . Art , paint , household , cooking , photography , Crypto analysis , new projects , sBCH updates , maximalists are available on this platform. Thanks to Sir MarcDeMesel for his generosity who is backbone of noise cash fund from where users getting paid.

The users are well known about BCH because they all get paid against the engagement by user's in shape of BCH. So each Noiser is a representative of BCH wherever he lives . He will speak always in favour of BCH because he has trust , faith and love in it .

Read Cash . is another platform with high quality content writers. It is different from Noise cash in terms of rules. Only high quality , original , creative and unique ideas/ blogs accepted and gets rewards. The write ups helping world to understand BCH in better way which causing massive adoption and increasing store value of BCH. playing vital role in awareness about BCH and its side chain smartBCH. If world knows today about this sBCH project , it happened possible through the contents of this platform. High quality writers with hawk's eye on Crypto market making it possible for BCH to reach in every corner of the globe.

The true face of BCH established by its representatives when they stands on every forum and defends it's credibility and integrity.


This user base is key to BCH for mass publicity and marketing. It is a silent army with 400k soldiers to fight against any propaganda of any type on any forum. It has capability to defuse the voice of maximalists.

We are true representatives of BCH.


Thank you so much for your time. Thanks to my sponsors , upvoters and subscribers which gives me courge to write more .

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