I want to say "No" but couldn't !!

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11 months ago


"Yes" and "No" are very basic words to accept or reject any thing , argument , conversation or proposal. Why more then 99% we say " Yes "in our life and only 1% we use "No" to reject. What logic hidden that we want to say "No" but couldn't. Why we fall in more acceptance rather than rejection. If we analyse it through bigning , we will see


Parents always teach the kids to be obedient and wants to listen "Yes" from him on their choices and decisions. If by any reason child refused or says "No" , we starts Angered and some times punish him too instead of listening him that why he says No. Unfortunately by force we drag our kids to say Yes in everything which we are saying. This practice keep him covered in next phase of his life.

So if we want that our kids learn to say "No" on certain things then we should trained them in truthful way. Where to say No and how to identify the truth we must teach them. Firstly we should start to accept No from him with valid argument. If you told to your kid that speaks a lie and he says No then you must accept his valid No and change your sentence. Such things will encourage him to adopt the "No" segment. Slowly it will become the part of his character and life.


Teachers loves those students who always says "Yes "to him. Even they're wrong on some point and student pinned it out still they not accept it , oppositely teacher will keep the student in radar to punish him .

Practical life.

We heard this example that boss is always right. In our practical life no any boss wants to listen No from his subardinats. He feels his insulat in it and wants his words should be taken as last order.

Respect , fear and People.

We says Yes sometimes in respect to others. We don't want to do things but accept the proposal due to his relationship with you . May he not go angry with my "No" , what others will think about me.

Fear is another element where we says YES even we don't know them well . It is possibly from fuedals , officer , influenced body , celrbraty or may be any government official . Our No down shadow by fear of it.

We turn our No into Yes when society matters. If our 9 neighborhood going to east and I want to go to west . But I will not refuse to my 9 neighborhood and will go with them to east due to relationship with them and mindset that how they will react if I didn't recognize there voice.

How we can build the habit of "No"

  • We should not fall in ifs and buts , we should be optimistic , straight forward and on to be pointed that I can't do it , I can't accept.

  • Be honest always with your Yes

  • Instant No is better then regret later.

  • We should be humble when rejecting, like ,thanks for sharing but sorry I can't do .

  • We can practice of saying No with our family member or friend which will ease us to say No in real time.

  • Know your worth and think always for yourself first.

  • Teach your kids to say No on bad things .


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11 months ago


It is true, ended, we should teach them, as good parents we should teach our children to be a good model on her/his generations because someday he/she teach them also their children to be a good one.

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11 months ago

I agree with your point of view I think we need to teach our children and students that saying yes everytime is not necessary if you don't want to do any thing just say No with a good logic

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11 months ago

I am completely satisfied with you. YES, and NO do our life decisions. It means say YES or NO to accept someone's proposal.

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11 months ago

Yes, parents should teach children to say NO when it necessary. Good points.

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11 months ago