Two dangerous suit

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2 years ago
Written on: Thu, September 02, 2021
Published on: Sat, October 09, 2021

It's over a month since I first wrote this article. I haven't had the time and will to finish this as I was and am always lost of words to add them here. I couldn't continue before and today is rather an exception.

There's always two side of a coin. Lucky if you bet on the winning tail or head or succumb to your defeat when you incorrectly choose the losing side of it.

It's always a matter of losing or winning, right? So choosing among the two will either give you satisfaction or failure.

Let's walk for another example. When we talk about the two sides of human, basically we are either referring to their social, physical, economical and emotional being. e.g The rich and the poor, the ugly and beautiful, the good and bad, the developed and undeveloped, the industrious and lazy, the early birds and late bats, and the sane and mad people. That's how we cut branches.

And as for me? There are two sides of me as well.

  • Wanting to do everything at once,

  • Wanting to do that "something " later and later on

You see? It's a quicksand of trap. Either of the two are vehemently dangerous as both may suck the whole thing of me. Both can be a ruin or can save me?

Wanting to do nothing at all

In short, procrastinating. Prolonging the supposed task due to my lazy arse. I am quite fond of this side of me but since I made an oath to exile it for the mean time, I have to restrain myself to retract my spell of exilation.

Procrastination according to businessinsider are divided in this categories:

  • The novelty seeker who says, "I just had the best idea!"

  • The overbooker who says, "I'm so busy"

  • The self-deprecator who says, "I am so lazy right now"

  • The performer who says, "I work well under pressure"

Is this ridiculous that I can see all of them in me? Darn, I've done and said it for the millionth time I think. Just to be free from doing the 'task' I am dreading or atleast to reduce the tension, something I am not yet ready to lay my hand on. When I get a seemingly great idea, I'll start writing about it and then after sometime, I will shove it out. This is not rodomontade of me but I love to work on pressure! LoL. I mean doing the things at the last minute of its deadline because my brain works really fast and funny how my fingers can follow suit - but this is kind of bad.

Not ready. This is easy yet lame excuse but we are indeed abusing it. We don't feel like doing 'that' or 'those' so we convince ourself not to do it- Oh there's no need for convincing, anyway.

The deadline is far enough. When in school, most do this. Instead of doing their homeworks, projects, etcetera, they're doing something else and clearly engaging to the immortal procrastination. And they will notice that the deadline's already approaching, ready to grill their every cell. Regretting will not help them, the damage or negligence has occurr. Although they are caught on such bad situations, the habit of procrastination is undeniably, still their habit.

Loving pressure. Ridiculous as it seems, but some people like cramming. That's it. They believe that because they've been up to such business for a long time. Making it the "standard" for their working style.

Wanting to do Everything at Once

There's a complete opposite of procrastination. That is, Pre-crastination. Let me borrow a good definition of that.

Precrastination was coined by psychology professor David Rosenbaum in a study he published in 2014. He defined it like this:

Precrastination is a tendency to work on tasks at the earliest opportunity—even if it means more work or comes with extra costs.

Precrastination is as dangerous as procrastination or even more. It provokes us to do a certain task the soonest we can, without minding the truth about us wasting more of our time. Looking at my uncountable drafts here on, I wanna write and finish them all. But it's rather impossible. I ended up skipping my other tasks for the day. That's the extra costs.

When I was working on my, our research, I wanted to finish it as soon as possible and as a result, I skipped my meals and sleep less that day. When there are chores in the house. I want to finish them all so I could attend to my other duties but working in a haste do not always guarantee good results.

Since there are so many good-to-watch dramas and movies produced from different countries, some of us spend more time watching. You, setting aside other things until you finish the series...and I am guilty about this, honestly 😂.


Sometimes, we are being manipulated by either of the two. And both are deceivingly dangerous for the quality of our work. We can somehow lessen the visitation of these two by;

  • Formulating an effective time management plan

  • Trustworthy discipline

  • The need to rest and relax

Thank you for reading!

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2 years ago


Procrastination was my problem. But I somehow overcome this one. Dear, you ok?

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2 years ago

Good for you! Yep I am. why'd you ask? btw, you fine ?

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2 years ago

Yeah, I am ok. i thought you were not ok.

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2 years ago

What if I tell you i am not?

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2 years ago

Then I will be there to help you. You know me.

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2 years ago

I only have procrastination in me and I'm trying my best to beat it. How I wish that I could have a pre-crastination personality, so I can do more things.

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2 years ago

Oh uh. Precrastination is frustrating too😭

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2 years ago

I better take up that frustration than procrastinating all day without doing anything. 🤣

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2 years ago


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2 years ago