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I mean it. Who are you?

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1 month ago
Topics: People, Identity

Published on: September 16, 2021 @01:50PM Ph Time

This is a "sabaw" article. I'm sorry everyone. Anyways, the clouds are partially weeping again. It's been a week since I last took a bath (Lol) hahaha kidding. anong konek?

Tell me who your parents are, and I'll tell you who you are.

It sounds generalizing but we can't resist the truth (whether we like it or not), that we have inherited some or most of our parent's physical attributes, characteristics, even values and or moral. And those are prominent in the eyes of those who know where we came from.

But no, that's not what we're going to talk about right now. This is actually a self assessing article to unleash your personality, individuality and identity.

Who are you really? Yes, uttering your name is widely acceptable but it's not what I'm looking for as a good answer. I know you are very much aware with yourself, aren't you? And if I tell you that you're bearing many identity in one body, does that sound new, cool, strange or normal since you knew about that since the world began?

I wouldn't be surprised that you have many personality, or identity hold in place and worry not for you are not alone. And no, you are just normal. Surprisingly, we are normal at that state!

Let us walk through this topic, shall we?

The question "Who are you?" is a bit tricky. Of course, what will you answer other than your personal information e.g your name, name of your parents to locate who you really are. But that's not what we are about to talk about.

Who are you?

In front of your friends?

They say that they are their real selves when they are surrounded by friends. Most do admit the feeling of freedom to be yourself when the audience or your company are your trusted friends! You can break rules, er, there's no rules in friendship other than no backstabbing and stealing of boyfriends. (Lol).

Aside from that, most admitted that they are a different person when they're with their friends. Let me rephrase that, they are them, free to express and act like them when they are accompanied by their friends. As if they can literally breath a real oxygen compared to the suffocating gas in the house.

You can be a swearing machine too without being scolded or grounded for a whole week or months.😉 Every friend knows how to keep a secret.

In front of your parents?

We have different parents with different attitudes, beliefs and way of raising us. Some are:

  • absolutely "strict"

  • Partially "strict"

or it might be the ideal parents whom their children can get along with, just like a sister/brother or bestfriend. Do they really exist? Because all I can see across the neighborhood are all tight-like parents. Thus, making their children act timidly tight as well.

The good Son/daughter?

I can remember few folks who have been acting so good in front of their parents but hide a different persona. Among those is me.

Me. Hahaha. I'm so sorry. I can't laugh so hard and free when I'm at home coz dad will surely go ballistic with how unladylike that is. So when in school, that'll be the best time for me to express my Hahaha.

I knew few cursing machines too and I seldom hear them swear at home. Even few bitchy schoolmates aren't so bitchy at home (or maybe I don't really know)? and brats aren't included here, okay. For a fact that we do not want our parents to get mad at us, we'll do some cover. Let them see that we were raised real good. Well, we should be, shouldn't we?

In front of the elders and respected people ?

There's no doubt. We'll appear good and formal. And uh, respectful too for the sake of our parent's reputation and ego and for our's as well. By showing that we were raised good enough, we are boosting our parent's pride, ours too.

Well done, son.

Especially during family occasions, pull your shits together and act with whatever you can pull as your facade. Even though you don't like your uncles and aunties, you should pay some respect...

Are you the same you on the internet?

You can be you online. I mean whatever kind of person you are offline, you can be that same person online. Meanwhile, you can create your own internet or social media persona.

  • Bitchy

  • Bubbly

  • "Open-minded"

  • Self-pitier

  • Boastful

  • etc.

You can be, as long as you can stand by it. Just so you know, meeting strangers online, and knowing his or her true personality offline or in real life will surely shock you...or not.

Ending= What's the original you?

We are different, depending on whom we are talking to. Friends and peers will let us express ourselves more informally, being with our parents will surely remind us to hold on to our formalities or respectful selves and, when in online, or virtual community, e.g Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc, we can imitate, create, and be us.

It's a matter of choice and situation that we are in. And yes, how our parents react to our choices, actions and attitudes will have a massive effect on our future choices and or decisions.




Thank you to my awesponsors! Have a great day!

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Written by   94
1 month ago
Topics: People, Identity
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We can be different when the need arises. I'm often silent, but when I see the need to speak out, I would. Just like that, heheh! But, usually, I am more or less the same, lol!

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1 month ago

Actually, we have different faces. Most of the time, it will depend on the people that we are facing or interacting. However, kung may isang identity man ako na masasabing tunay, that is probably myself whenever I am with God.

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1 month ago

Personally, I like to maintain my same points of view and to be me in every environment, both in the physical world and in the virtual world in this case. I don't like pretending to be someone that I'm not really. Although I recognize many friends who are completely the opposite, in my country they are known as "venatic person" they change their judgment, their mood, and their state of mind in general in a few minutes.

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1 month ago

We're totally different depending on the people around us. HAHA

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1 month ago

I'm literally no one. Not a good son. Because I have lots of work to do to make my mother happy. Not a good friend, because I know I can help more. I could be anyone but I prefer to say I'm a dark guy. Hiding in darkness.

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1 month ago

Ngayon sa.edad kong ito ngayon ko palang nakilala ang sarili ko kung ano ba talaga ako.. kung sino ako...

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1 month ago

I am more or less the same online and offline :) However, I am more comfortable being myself with friends :)

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1 month ago

Our attitude really depends on who we are with. If I am with my closest friends, I can talk about everything including all those liberated topics. But with my mom, I cannot. I need to prim and proper. But that does not mean that you are not being yourself, you just need to level yourself to everyone you are meeting with.

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1 month ago