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Forever with me

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1 month ago
Topics: People, Life

Published on: September 13, 2021

Few or maybe most would say that they can forgive and forget...easily. I don't know. At what extent can you say that? Can you really stand by your words? Or have you abandoned it when something happened, something unforgettable and unforgivable happened to you?

Raise your brow on me. I'm fine with that. Am I shallow? Maybe or absolutely, yes. That's your pick and judgment. I am not like you who can easily forgive someone. Or can easily forget those painful, traumatic events that, changed who I am today. Don't try to sway my mind with your advices. I'm fed up on that. I've had enough.

My fault. It's been my entire fault. Whoever is responsible to me is me. Dealing with those memories have been my past time, my habit. At the end of the day, the moment my head hit my cold pillows, I am going to remember them.

Not a day will end without being ruined. Not a word ever skipped my sharp ears, listening. I've downloaded each, and will be forever saved.

Not a day will end without another opening of yesteryears' wounds.

Not a day will end with being peaceful. The word rare will surely be timid. It never happened. A day ended good but rather always bad. It's been a routine. A broken record. It's on repeat. And I'm tired.

I've gathered everything I've saved.

These will stay forever with me.


This is a vague confession from someone(?) Now, I wish I could change my username to vague. Hahaha. Coz I know I've been writing not so clear. My apologies.

Anyways, I'll make up with my absences on the next days okay? I have articles to read...Sponsorhips have been renewed...Thank you for understanding! And I'll take this opportunity to apologize with my nonsensical posts. If my name ever appear on your notif, just don't mind that✌. I know you're already annoyed.

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Written by   87
1 month ago
Topics: People, Life
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It takes time for me also to forgive someone. It really all depends on how much pain they caused me. I can forgive but the stain remains.

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1 month ago