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Cut them now- The 'Septembest' to do

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1 month ago

38th [1st] Wed, September 01, 2021

I was writing something before this and the idea is this, but I've written something else and yeah, that's a bad start for this month. I foresee that I may have a tougher September due to that hint.

Edit: As you can see, the date is yesterday. I will not change that because I will have to make that up today. And yeah, this is very short (?) because I thought it's better to divide it into two. Here's the other.

I may have publish this before my "Beauty-less is worthless" or the other way around. The two articles are supposedly written as one but along the way, as I was writing about this very thought, the flow of my article gone to another place. A different one, and not about the thought I want to deliver.

Thank you to these awesponsor of mine. Thank you to my newest @Pichi28

Instead of holding onto the past events, collect yourself as you welcome new days to change your life, for the better.

Just this morning, we were asked to give a hand and remove this poor 'Cosmos' since they were already withering and out of shape, as opposed to be their vibrant vibe. Auntie would be replacing them with new ones since it adds up and serves as a beautification on the frontyard. Looking at them and the fact that today is the first day of September, I've realized something...or I take this event as worth learning from. Or should I say, assuming this is rational.

At this event, I pondered enough and somehow it made sense. I see this withered plants as our bad/dark/sad past. Dark events that brought us emotions e.g sadness, disappointment, loneliness, hopelessness and many more to name. Bad events that brought us far away to the society and even family members. We were in deep oblivion that we weren't aware of what we've cultivated.

We're guilty, aren't we? For those who are living their life without bringing up their worries, failures and unwanted issues from their past are lucky for such choice. Yet, for some who are unable to follow suit, it is due to the difficulty to actually move forward, to move on to that event of life and focus on the present, and that will lead him/her to a good future.

It is unarguably true that what happened in our past, especially our failures at work, school, business ventures, relationships etcetera are all responsible to what life we are living right now (e.g. happy, miserable or uncontented). Those negative events brought us worries, regrets, longing, or simply thinking what if this happened instead of that ? We begin to think of the possibility, and that possibility of events give us more regret, thus, leaving us on the same ground as yesterday.

You may or may not be aware that you are still holding on to that bad events in your life. If we continue to succumb with that, we'll never ever move forward.

As for me, now is the time to learn to let go of things such that unwanted events in life. Things are bound to happen and since we are the mover and decision maker, we are the main responsible for what will happen to our life. If we are still living in vain, then that's our choice. If we're still living in regret and hope for a different end, then that's our choice.

Ending = Seed

Every thing that happened and will happen to us had and will render us a seed/s. That seed symbolizes the lesson/s given to us. We shall foster and cultivate it to go more profoundly in our inner being to help us understand deeper. The fruit of that lesson is that we've learned and thru that, we will live our life wisely, happily, and positively.

the seeds are inside so don't be confused

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Written by   93
1 month ago
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We learn from our experiences!

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1 month ago

They say, experience is the best teacher :) Great post dear... very thoughtful

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1 month ago