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[9] Most of the time

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4 months ago

Fri, August 27, 2021

9 out of 100 poems for me

Bed is calling me but I may not sleep if I won't write another for today. Time check, it's already 10:43 pm. It may take me sometime to weave another nonsense. Hahaha. If you happen to love poetry, you may join my community. But if not, I'm perfectly fine with it. Kidding! This might not be understandable because my mind is in extreme chaos right now. Oh, drama again. This is, apparently, the baddest and most nonsense of all my works. Lol.

Most of the time

To weave a lie

And deem it valid,

To tell the truth,

And bluff it still.

There's no definite counts,

To express how often have I,

End up like this,

Of a moth, in a silver platter.

Watch the wheel as it spins,

Yet life is unruly,

Make it stop nor change direction,

Is it possible?

Breaking plates,

Pour it all in a palette,

Most of the time,

A mess of hue, is still a mess.

As dangerous it is,

To lock the door of my own room,

Says who it is forbidden to,

embrace my own demise?

All rights reserved.

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Written by   100
4 months ago
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"Embrace my own demise" that's deep I love how you wrote this line, I love the idea of welcoming death, I love pain and sufferings.

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4 months ago

That's really deep...

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4 months ago

This article really made me see things differently, as for me I often get angry but what I do is take a deep breath, sometimes I walk away and other times I just blast my earphones to ease the anger

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4 months ago

same same. That'd be the best way to ease your anger.

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4 months ago

The last paragraph gave me goosebumps because i relate to it so much you know, I'm most of the time alone and hesitate to let people in, literally and emotionally.. God bless you

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4 months ago

I feel the same. God bless you tooo😊

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4 months ago