"3" Among the GOOD & MUST READ MANHWA (For me)

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#3 June 13, 2022

What is Manhwa?

Manhwa is a term that describes South Korean comics. Many also refer to them as webtoons due to the popular website of the same name. Manhwas are fully colored and filled with panels that look like paintings.

Manhwa characters look more natural and photorealistic. Most of these comics follow a scroll-type format to accommodate mobile viewers better. To read a manhwa, one has to scroll down just like they do with a webpage.

These comic-novels are overall interesting and if you aren't reading yet, I'd recommend you to give it a go! The compilation of romance, drama, political, psychological, comedy and fantasy within these respective novels. The genre is shoujo- means "little girl" or "maiden", so Shoujo Mangas aimed to have an audience with girls, age ranging to 12-18 years old and yes I got hooked with "reincarnation and time- reversed" plots. I'm not sure if anyone from here would be interested to give it a try but still it's good and really refreshing!

I got influenced by someone I'm really close with, saying it's really good for leisure times or when you're bored in life lol. But I've completely spend all of my time reading novels that I can't even recall what I've accomplished in a day! Yeah, sadly it's not a very good exercise:)

Anyways, here's my Top 3!

[3.] LIFE AS AN INTERNET NOVEL (2017- Ch:146+)

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Romance, 
Comedy, Slice of Life

I've learned the existence of this novel from a Facebook post enumerating the "Must Read Manhwa". I didn't pay attention with the genre and really it's not a factor on which to consider which is which. So I tried it, indeed it is unique! I thought she'll be the heroine but on the first chapters I've learned that she's a side character. Appearing clueless why and what was she doing in a strange university and who's the girl keeps on bugging her and entitling herself as her "bestfriend". Dani, is an ordinary student and someone who invests a lot in internet novels, she's all familiar with the characters, possessing a God-like beauty which she adores from the books and unimaginably witnessing the same characters in real life. Her new fictional universe includes her gorgeous entitled bestfriend Yeoryong, as well as those breathtakingly attractive boys who all happen to be her classmates. Determined to remain out of the way and avoid becoming entangled in the protagonist, so she takes the role as a sidekick, wanting to stay as a nobody and avoid that much interaction with them but it will be impossible if the table had turns on her side.


Genre: Comedy, Drama, Historical, Romance, 
Political, Fantasy

I personally love this novel! All of the misunderstanding, frustration and second-hand embarrassment you'll get through it. Seriously, I had fun reading on their games which was unconsciously done by the heroines. The 'mangaka' of this novel really work hard to make it detailed as possible, reason why I love the transparency in every chapter. Juvelian is a villainess hated by everyone, including her lover and her own father.

The first chapter is when how she begged her father to help her, coz she was accused on the princess's murder. Her father gave her a knife saying "bear with it" then walk away, left with no choice because the rumor says that the crown prince will soon arrive to get revenge on killing her sister, she ended her life, scared from the tyrant's wrath. The MC is from another world and reborn as Juvelian who will soon meet a painful demise, according to the novel she's reading before she got transported in a novel that she had never got a chance to finish at all. In order to avoid the tragic end she knows awaits her, she breaks up with her lover and gives up trying to win her father’s heart. Instead, she focuses on their wealth living her life to the fullest, but series of events had changed since she makes her own path. While she prepares for a lavish life, her father Regis, began seeking for a potential suitor. Coming up with a desperate resolve: a dating contract, scared that he'll marry her off to the notoriously volatile and turbulent prince. She met Max, an unknown specie from her room's veranda, her father's student and a perfect candidate to be her suitor.


Genre: Political Thriller, Drama, Fantasy, 
Romantic Comedy, Adventure

The story was built beautifully! I am quite biased since I have a general liking towards stories with time-reversal plots but, I truly adore this one. It has an alternative name, "The Princess Imprints the Traitor", so it's on top 10 most recommended for beginners (probably 4 months ago).

I started this novel though I haven't finish it in a day, yes I'm that fast. The first chapter happens in which the 7th Princess, Eve, watch how the Homunculus destroyed the royal family, in which she belongs. No matter how hard she opposes her father to change the homunculi system, her dumb of a father is confident enough that the brainwashing won't break. Homunculus- beings with extraordinary abilities that were created with magic and alchemy. They were brainwashed, under the guise of bringing peace and power to the empire and of course to get rid of the threats to the imperial family. As a result, the homunculi held a rebellion for the resentment they feel is too much. "Michaelis Agnito" King of the Homunculi, yes, the name is hot just like the owner. The 8th princess's appointed knight, breaks the spell. Simps over that guy coz one of his best qualities are being faithful, gentledog, loving and devoted. But Eve, of course she viewed him differently. Yes, however on the first chapter of the novel, he visited the 7th Princess. It didn't went well for the princess since she believed the worst in him.

The 8th princess visited Eve after Mikhaelis, expressing her fake remorse. Plans that she'll be executed when Mikhaelis came back, either hang in public or cut her head. The 8th princess, gave her poison saying that's the only way she can escape that gruesome demise. Left with no choice, Evenrose, the seventh Imperial princess, ingest the poison drowned in the scheme of the wicked sister. When she opened her eyes, however, Eve realized that she has traveled back in time and is eight years you younger. Evenrose decided to create her own peace about Mikhael,the king of Homunculus as part of her preparation to win the emperor's heart.

Note: This was actually written by my sister. Yep, guess she writes better than I😂 Anyways, I'm not into these stuff but I might try. Or not at all.

Lead image source: Line Webtoon

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