What our sitting position tells us:

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Many of us spent a lot of time in a sitting position. Many jobs require sitting for long periods of time. That's why health experts recommend that you walk a little after every 20 minutes to improve blood circulation in your body.

And of course, any of us has a favourite or special sitting position. Let's check what these positions are telling us;

1- Sitting with the crossed legs

Sitting on the ground with the crossed legs indicates that you feel both receptive to new issues and anxious at the same time. This position of your knees shows that you are a person who is ready to accept new ideas, and the flexibility to sit in this way shows that you are also emotionally flexible.

2- Straight sitting

If this is your sitting position, it means that you are a strong and reliable person and everyone will turn to you when they need help or comfort. You also know how to enjoy the little things in life.

3- reclining position

Sitting as if you were leaning back indicates that you have an analytical personality that allows you to observe the situation without getting involved. You are also a cautious person. This sitting position also shows that you are more caring about people and are often aware of the feelings and emotions of others.

4- Crossed ankle

The intersection of the ankles and the fact that one of the ankles cuts the other (as in the picture) means that you are a classy and elegant person; As well as being a humble and open person at the same time. If the ankles intersect in the open legs, it indicates that you feel comfortable; Because this is one of the royal sitting positions and it will make all the people around you feel confident.

5- Sitting while holding the armrests

If you tend to sit up and grab the armrests, it means that you are a sensitive person who constantly understands those around you. The armrests create physical and emotional stability for you and bring comfort and safety.

Often using sedans means that you are a stable person on whom your friends and family rely on mental problems.

6- Hand crossed

Often this kind of sitting means strength and self-confidence. It can also mean that you feel protected; Because you use your arms to protect your body. People who usually sit like this are dangerous people and very analytical people.

7- Kneeling

Sitting on your knees is generally not a comfortable position, which means you feel determined and helped. Usually people who spend a lot of time kneeling are parents and grandparents who play with their children. Therefore, you are a natural leader and skilled in solving problems.

8- Sitting in the middle of the sofa

Sitting in the middle of a sofa or couch means that you are completely confident. Confident people immediately sit back wherever they want; So you are a bold, outgoing person who can easily make friends with people.

9- hand bouncing with crossed legs

People who hold their hands politely are often calm and gentle. You may not consider yourself a social person; But you are a loyal friend. You have a kind spirit and when you speak, you are listened to and respected.

10- hands on lap

If you often see your hands tied tightly in your lap, it means that you are an emotional person and it is difficult for you to control your desire for life; That's why people are naturally attracted to you. You are a warm-hearted and kind person and you like to make people laugh and make them feel satisfied.


Hope you enjoy🖤💛

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Excellent one

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3 years ago

When you have back pain, just go the nearest therapist, it really helps.

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3 years ago

Hmm. Sometimes sitting positions fits the quality and character of a person though sometimes it doesn't. Nice one..

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