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Join me in the following article to explore the most famous prisons in the world.

These prisons were once the home of the most famous criminals in the world , and this have made them tourist destinations, now let's check them out;

1. Alcatraz Prison - USA

If we are to write a list of the most famous prisons in the world, Alcatraz is definitely one of the most important options on this list. It is the most well-known and most mysterious prison in the United States and also the first prison with maximum security in this country. 

The prison hosted celebrities such as Al Capone and Robert Estrad. The prison is located on an island in the Gulf of San Francisco and is surrounded by water, making it difficult to escape. Of course, 36 people tried to escape but did not succeed. The prison was finally closed to prisoners in 1963 and opened to tourists. The cost of visiting this prison is about $ 28 to $ 60.

2. Tower of London - England

Alcatraz Prison was able to operate for only 20 years; But the Tower of London lasted much longer than that. The Tower of London was once one of the most infamous prisons in the world. The prison was built in the 11th century and operated until the middle of the 20th century. 

The building has seen famous prisoners such as Henry VI, Anne Boleyn and Rudolf Hess. This prison has now become a tourist destination; Tourists can visit the cells and feel the way of life in this prison. They can also visit the Green Tower where the prisoners were executed.

3. Roben Island Prison - South Africa

Located in South Africa, this prison is commonly known as the famous prisoner Nelson Mandela. 

The prison became a high-security prison for political prisoners in 1959. Apart from Mandela, more than 3,000 people were imprisoned in this prison from 1961 to 1991. The prison finally closed in 1996 and became a tourist attraction. Tourists on this trip, in addition to visiting the cells, have the opportunity to talk to prisoners who were previously held in this prison.

4. Chateau d'if - France

Chateau Prison is located on the coast of Marseille in France and is said to be one of the prisoners of this prison, Count Monte Cristo. 

Even if this is not true, the prison housed many prisoners from 1600 to 1800.

5. Devil's Island Prison - France

Another famous prisons in the world and in France is the Island of the Devil. This prison, like Chateau Prison. This prison has been operating since 1832 and during its activity (90 years) it saw 8,000 prisoners. 

It is almost impossible to escape from this prison due to the presence of water and forest around it. The prison was closed in 1952 and became a tourist attraction.

6. ElMina Castle - Ghana

The next two prisons are famous for being homes for slaves. The first was El-Mina Castle, located in Ghana. This prison has been operating for 300 years and each time about 200 people were kept in one cell of this prison.

At its peak, the prison housed more than 30,000 slaves a year. The prison became famous when the US President (Barack Obama) visited it in 2009.

7. Goree Island - Senegal

This prison, like Elmina Prison, was a place for slaves and operated until 1848, when slavery was abolished in France, and was also known as the House of Slaves.

Many celebrities visited this prison. People like Nelson Mandela, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton.

8. Toul Sleng - Cambodia

There are two horrible prisons in Southeast Asia that are among the most famous in the world. One of them is Toul Sleng Prison. This terrible prison opened in 1975, but was only open for four years. In those four years, however, it hosted 17,000 prisoners. 

Very few managed to escape from this terrible prison. Because in this prison there was nothing but torture and execution. The prison was immediately closed and turned into a museum and a memorial to those killed in the prison.

9. Hoa Lo Prison - Vietnam

The most famous prisoner in this prison was John McCain, a US presidential candidate whose clothes were displayed in the museum after the prison was turned into a museum.

The first prison was built for political prisoners, and many Vietnamese freedom fighters were imprisoned there.

10. Port Arthur - Tasmania

The prison operated from 1833 to the 1850s, during which time it hosted the most notorious criminals.


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