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When was Stonehenge built? Who made it? What was the purpose of making this work and infinitely another questions… In the following article, I will answer some of these questions.

Stonehenge can be called one of the most famous and historical monuments in the world. Founded in prehistoric Wiltshire, England. Stonehenge is built on the Salisbury Plains in southern England. It is not only one of the most iconic buildings in Britain, but also one of the most iconic in the world; It attracts only one million tourists from all over the world every year, and this number is increasing.

However, there are still few who have enough information about this building, and this is probably due to the lack of comprehensive sources and articles in this field, which means that this building always causes speculation and theory in the minds of visitors and the ancients. As you can see in Stonehenge's photo, this building is made of several huge stones and we have to think about how a civilization that is not modern and has no advanced equipment (maybe even wheels) built this building and why?

Why was Stonehenge made?

Over the years and centuries, various theories have been put forward as to why this work was made. One of these theories is that of Jeffrey Manmouth, who stated in 1136 that the stones were intended as a memorial to the great English leaders who were killed by the enemies of the Saxons.

Jeffrey Manmouth

Jeffrey wrote that these stones are part of the Irish stones, which is called the giant dance, which was brought to the Salisbury Plain with the help and power of the great wizard, Marilyn, and was arranged in this way.

The first detailed study of these stones was made in 1620 by Inigo Jones and it was concluded that the construction of these stones was not by the British and they probably built this place and dedicated it to a temple for Apollo. There is another theory by William Stockley that he published in 1740. He believed that this circle of stones was made by Celtic and pre-Roman clergy for those who worshiped the sun. This, according to Stockley, belonged to the Phoenicians, who had traveled to England from the Mediterranean before Abraham.

Gerald Hawkins also wrote in the 1960s, in his own book, The Decoding of Stonehenge, that the building was designed to accurately predict major historical events. Of course, most of Hawkins' theories about Stonehenge as an observatory have been rejected, so he cannot be appeased.

How old is Stonehenge?

The first attempts to date the structure date back to the 1620s, when it was commissioned by the Duke of Buckingham. According to his order, excavations were carried out in this area. In these excavations, two pits were discovered, in which cow horns and eaten armor were found.

Most discoveries were made in the early nineteenth century. Of course, these discoveries probably destabilized the rocks; Because in the New Year of 1900, part of the outer circle of Sarsen rocks collapsed. From 1919 to 1926, excavations were underway in the southern part of the site. Another excavation campaign was carried out between 1950 and 1964, in which, in addition to excavation, they also intended to repair the building and restore the stones.

In 2008, two smaller but more purposeful ancient excavations took place inside the circle. The first study was to investigate the history, nature and study of smaller internal rocks. The second study focused more on death, burial, and cremation. Research has shown that men, women and children were all buried here from the 3000s to 2500s.

Who made Stonehenge?

As mentioned above, Jeffrey Manmouth, in his book King Arthur and Narratives of English History, says that Stonehenge was created by the great wizard Marilyn. The story goes back to the middle of the fifth century, and in the middle of this century, hundreds of English nobles were beheaded by the Saxons and buried in the Salisbury Plains.

King Aurelus Ambrosias sent an army to Ireland to restore a stone circle called the Ring of Giants to erect a memorial to them. The soldiers were able to defeat the Irish; But they could not shake these huge stones. But Marilyn, using her power, was able to move those stones. Many other people believed Jeffrey's story and thought it was actually made by Merlin, even though it was built thousands of years before Merlin. There are other hypotheses that attribute the construction of this building to the Saxons, Romans, Danes, Greeks and Egyptians. There is another theory that Stonehenge was made by the Celtics.

Most archaeologists now believe that it was not just one people who made the stone, but several people who made it. The bones and tools found in various discoveries also help to make this theory a reality. Now there are different theories about these tribes. Some claim that these tribes are from neighboring countries and some say that they were native to England.

What was the purpose of making Stonehenge?

Many architects believe that Stonehenge was not much attention and was just a building that was built; But archaeologists do not think so. They believe that this place has been important to the British people for more than a thousand years, and there must have been a reason that led them to Salisbury to build this huge ancient monument; That was at a time when there were no modern facilities.

Ancient evidence suggests that this was a burial place for at least a long time; But researchers believe that Stonehenge was also used for purposes other than burial. For works such as ceremonies, religious ceremonies, memorials to an important person, or ceremonies such as spiritual communion with ancestors and gods, and… .

Recently, after excavations at the site, they discovered a disease in the remains of bodies buried in Stonehenge, prompting a group of archaeologists to speculate that it may be a place to treat the disease.


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