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Some small birds and insects see the world in slow motion because their data processing speed is very high.

Our earth is full of mysteries which are unknown to us, be with me to get familiar with some of them.

1. "Lazy" are the slowest animals in the world. We are not just talking about how they move. It takes a month for these mammals to digest a leaf! Most of them only defecate once a week! By comparison, depending on the type of food, humans only need 12 to 48 hours to eat a meal, digest it, and get rid of its waste.

2. The burning sensation in your mouth after eating hot peppers is due to a special chemical compound in them that makes your nerve sensors believe that they are burning.

3. Some small birds and insects see the world in slow motion because their data processing speed is very high. On the other hand, for some large animals, time literally passes quickly because they need more time to understand information.

4. If you think your cat sleeps a lot, then what about koalas? These mammals sleep from 18 to 22 hours a day! They expend a lot of energy digesting their fiber-rich food, and taking a nap is a great way to boost that energy.

5. Have you ever had your body hair spiked while listening to music ?! In this state, your brain releases "dopamine", a chemical compound that causes pleasure.

6. Do you know why chefs wear those long white hats? This hat is called a "tok" and the number of folds in such a hat (which is usually 100) indicates the experience of a chef.

7. If you are allergic to cats, consider this: Cats can also be sensitive to you! The only reason this allergy is not so noticeable or prominent is that your body hair is not as big as cats.

8. If you are careful, elevators will ring a ding to alert you when they reach the floor. If you listen carefully, you may find that some elevators produce different numbers of bells. Usually, one bell means that the elevator is going up, and two bells indicate that the elevator is going down.

9. Continental plates move at the same speed as your nails grow. The underground activity that causes them to move also causes volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. In total, tectonic plates eventually move up to 5 cm per year.

10. You must have noticed that the colder the outside air, the louder the sound when you step on the snow. This is because when you walk, the snow is compacted and small ice cubes are rubbed against each other. The lower the temperature, the greater the friction between the ice and the louder the sound.

11. Adult cats meow only to communicate with us humans. Kittens can meow for their mothers, but adult cats do not interact with each other in this way. Scientists have even discovered that these animals are great cheaters when communicating with humans! Cats can change the pitch of their voice so that it looks more like a baby crying to get more food and attention!

12. Reindeer eyes change from golden to blue in summer. Such a color change improves the animals' vision because it affects how light is reflected through the retina.

13. Escalator brushes are not designed to clean our shoes. They were invented for much more important safety reasons. There is a gap between the stairs and the escalator wall that if something like a piece of clothing gets into this gap, it may get stuck in the maze of motors and gears. Then the escalator can not only break down but also damage the foreign object. Escalator brushes prevent you from approaching the edges by scaring you and prevent such accidents from occurring. As soon as you feel the hair of these brushes on your feet, you instinctively pull your feet away.

14. Just one lightning bolt provides enough energy for a toaster to work for 84,000 minutes, which is enough to cook approximately 100,000 pieces of toast.

15. The sound of roosters can be extremely loud, and the question is: how can they not be deaf if this deafening sound comes right out of their beaks? The answer is simple. They have a natural mechanism that works as an inner earring! When a rooster opens its beak and prepares to read, its auditory canals close and no sound can enter.

16. When glaciers are melting, they make a loud noise. The sound they make is similar to the sound they make when opening soft drinks. Melting glaciers release millions of tiny air bubbles that have been trapped in ice for centuries. This sound is so loud that you can hear it from a distance without seeing an iceberg.

17. The first helicopters had wooden rotating propellers. At that time, fiberglass was not yet invented and wood was the best material available (strong, light and durable).

18. In 2018, scientists collected 300 prehistoric frozen worms in the Arctic. When the ice of all the worms melted, two of them came to life! They started moving and even ate. One of them was incredibly 32,000 years old and the other was almost 42,000 years old!

19. Dogs have a much stronger sense of smell than humans. But when it comes to the sense of taste, it is much better in humans than in dogs. While you can use more than 9,000 taste buds, your dog only has 1,700 of them. Of course, dogs can also recognize the four tastes of sweet, bitter, sour and salty as humans.

20. Astronauts in space should exercise at least 2 hours a day to keep their bodies strong; And like us on earth, they sweat when they exercise. But due to the weightlessness of the space, their sweat does not flow on the skin, but they form saline bubbles that stick to the body.

21. Not only can tree trunks tell you how old a tree is, but they also indicate how the climate has changed over the life of the tree. Tree rings become narrower in drought years and wider in rainy years.

22. At any given time, about 2,000 thunderstorms occur in various parts of the earth; And if we want to calculate this number for a whole year, this number will be more than 16 million!

23. There are different types of phobias and strange fears, and dextrophobia is one of them. People with this phobia are afraid of the objects and things that are on the right side of them!


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