97 Days After The Storm​ I Am Liliam

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3 years ago

I have always been alone. I was a youngster plant trying to find my way around this world. My name was Liliam. 

I was given that name by my owner, Jay.
He loved and he fed me daily with love and care. I loved him and he was the only friend I had.

One day, he didn't go to work because he was on leave from work, I was happy because he came to me and we spent most of the day together.. He looked very cheerful and we celebrated the Beauty of life together..  
It was just a two-day leave.. after his leave, Jay went back to work and I went back to the same old me, with no friends, no neighbor, just a lonely youngster without anyone except Jay. 

Weekend was nigh and Jay came home a little late. Little did I know that he wanted to surprise me. He figured out I had no friends and he thought I needed someone . So he brought Lily home and he planted her beside me. Lily was a youngster like me, we were almost around the same age, i was a little older. she was so attractive and colourful. I was so happy to meet someone new.  


Lily and I became friends over time. We Talked with each other basically all the time.. we loved each other, we were there for each other during  rainy and storm days. 

We bonded really well and 
then it happened!!

I fell in love ❣️...

I never felt that way  in my entire life. I never felt so secured and safe.
My feelings were so unexplainable.
She made me happy. She made me smile.
Her love made me perfect
For the first time in my whole life I felt like I wanted to protect someone..

Days passed, weeks, months,our love grow stronger and stronger. We became unbreakable, we shared lots of memories together.. There was a time we gave Jay some of our tiny  branches so that he could propose to His girlfriend lol. It was a memorable day.. She accepted his proposal and we all celebrated in the garden. As we all Celebrated in the garden, I held Lily's hand, and I told her , "I love you Lily ". She smiled and said to me. ".You Own My Heart Forever Liliam" I smiled back and we cuddled.
It Was one of the best moments of my life.


It was in June during the raining season. One certain night, there was a heavy rain storm, which lasted for hours..
The storm was so heavy that it started to break some of our branches. Lily was scared and so was I. We held each other's hand and I told her not to worry I am here for her. I hugged her and I tried to protect her from the Storm. The storm grew and I was losing her. I tried all I could to save her. I held her tightly to myself. Her roots were breaking, The Storm was Killing her.

I didn't know what to do. I was losing her to the Storm. I shouted and cried but no one could help me.

She called my name and said to me,
Let me go Liliam. I said; No Lily !! (crying) .
I didn't know what to do, I was helpless.. She was getting cold in my arms. She smiled and said to me.; "I love you Liliam and I'll always be with you". Those were her last words and she passed away

I screamed out in pain LILYYYYYYYYYYY.!!!

I cried and cried and cried. I Saw her pass away in my arms..

It was on a Sunday morning, after the Storm, jay saw that Lily was dead and he buried her right next to me. .
I saw her grave and I cried again.

A few days passed and everyday, I looked at her grave and I said, "I am coming to you soon Lily. Please wait for me ".  I told myself  i am going to shed a leaf on her grave everyday till my final day on earth...

If you're reading this, it means I am Dead and I shedded my 97th leaf on Lily's Grave today.  It's the 97th day after the Storm and i reunited with Lily in the afterlife.

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Good morning

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Good morning May you live long Ameen

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Have a good blessing of Allah

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Good morning A big article

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Good Morning have a Blessed frieday.. I loved him and he was the only friend I had.

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Good Morning.

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