Words of Nature - Motion and praise be to the Creator

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The morning sun shines so beautifull in the morning. Accompanied by the chirping of birds, with millions of charms of taste and the coolness in the morning dew shrouded in a thin mist full of harmony to welcome the day.

Even the breeze sent the strands hanging in harmony follow to welcome the morning. Not apart from the sound of the rooster crowing, it indicates that morning has come.

Thoroughly sing praises of the greatness of the Power. Yes, the natural word understands the meaning of the word Creator and exalts it. Never stop and always take turns chanting praise that never

Moving erratically, chirping rhythmically, blowing and passing but so comfortable everything, the rippling water, the roar of the branches when blown by the wind, unites represented in every movement with rhythm. when my eyes are closed trying to unite and feel the praise generated by the universe.

The silence of the night came to replace the sun. The moon shines its light to nature. Now the sound of the night beast continues in praise of the creator. Replaces the creatures that sleep at night. Keeping to a constant balance of praise and praise to the Creator.

The chant is still as beautiful as rhymes as being guided by a conductor. Singing full of meaning, full of joy, and a servitude of gratitude that never stops. Continue to pray by reciting the greatness of the Almighty.

Move and praise Him. That means making this blood flow stop for a moment to realize how nature always gives praise to the Creator why this self forgets and is not aware of His greatness. Reaching out to the heart in the heart, all wounds, sorrow, complaints, and troubles are nothing more than a reminder that the self has forgotten.

Shame when happy, laughing, happy not remembering the majesty of God. Not a test or a trial. But a sign of self-reminder for real awareness.

The word of nature reminds me of the mistake and forgetfulness of the great power and grace of the Creator. Remind myself that no power and effort for greatness has been created. Remembering how self-deceived the meaning that has been passed without realizing all of the will and greatness of the Creator.

Contemplating the meaning of the meaning of the words of nature, so touching the heart, how dirty and humiliating oneself. Common sense should be useful for awareness like what nature always does. Nature alone never forgets, nature always remembers, nature just continues to mutate, why can the intelligent forget?

Falling down, making oneself prostrate and rising up by raising both hands to ask forgiveness for all the forgetfulness and mistakes that have been done. Asking forgiveness for all mistakes. Asking forgiveness to be forgiven. Asking pleasure for what has passed.

Move and praise Him. It exists because of his will, can because of his permission, As a reminder from nature to himself of his weakness as a created being. Seeing and reflecting on nature how his glory is better than the self who is said to be intelligent. Thank you for never getting tired of always reminding myself of my mistakes in living life.

Nature has reminded their worship and praises only to the Creator. Not for others. Because the Creator will always give grace to His servants regardless of degree or dignity. Everything gets its greatness.

Nature may never seem silent but always remember to remind everyone to come back to remember how great God is. Little without power and effort is only a copy of the Creator. And Words of Nature - Motion and praise be to the Creator

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