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Anything that starts with good intentions will pay off well. The opposite is also true. But if something was started accidentally maybe it was just a coincidence that it will continue if it makes us comfortable, and will be stopped if it's harmful.

And about us, just the two of us without a third person, this is something I started with good intentions, and I feel like you must have started with the same intentions as me. However, the ending of this story was not as expected.

Maybe it has been a long time since we were together, where we love and trust each other, tell each other about daily experiences, take care of each other's hearts, it is not uncommon for us to seek a meeting .. Face to face, hold hands and tell stories romantic things.

But lately something happened to him, we rarely give each other news via sms or telephone. Our meeting plans are often canceled for reasons I don't understand. He has started to shut down, reluctant to tell me what he used to tell me every day.

And this story begins at that time, when he attended a reunion of his high school friends.

"Nuga ...."

Nuga, that's how my friends call me, my long name is Nuga Wandhananta who was born in Pontianak, October 3, 1995 and now I'm studying at one of Pontianak's private universities.

"Why are you stunned ??" Asked Rama from behind and patting my shoulder. Rama is my best friend and can even be said to be my best friend today, because we are always together and our friendship starts when we enter college.

"Just amazed you .. why don't you why"

While in the cafeteria, we just chatted blankly and intentionally or not, began to ask about the relationship with Merta. Marta is my current boyfriend, which has started to change since she went to her high school friends' reunion.

I started telling my problem to Ram. And as usual, Rama always calmed me down and said "Maybe he has a lot of problems, just think positively or not". I always listen to his advice.

And suddenly Rama's cellphone reads "Kriing .. Kriing". Ram moves away from me and starts picking up the phone. Rama's face seemed flat without the slightest smile.

"Why ma?" I try to go over and ask. "No ... why why not" with a somewhat forced smile. And soon Rama went straight home "No, I'll go first, I've been waiting for my mother at the family place". Ram ran to the parking lot and turned on the motorbike and went straight away.

And shortly thereafter there was a call from Marta "who ... I want to go to the hospital first, accompanying my friend who is sick". I allowed, and without further ado he hung up on me. I didn't have time to ask who was sick and in which hospital, because I trusted Marta.

The next day I sat in class, and Rama had not appeared. "Maybe he's late" I thought. Then after class, Marta called me and asked to meet at the usual place we met.

There's nothing that I suspect from Martha, even though she often checks her cellphone, I don't know what Marta is waiting for on her cell. Suddenly he wanted to go to the restroom "which, leave my bag and cellphone, I want to go to the toilet first". When Marta went to the restroom of her cellphone suddenly got an incoming message, I looked and was a little curious, I paused for a moment to see the name of the contact who sent the message to Marta. When I opened the message, I started to think I knew what made Marta change to me.

Marta came out of the bathroom and I quickly closed her cellphone and pretended not to know. When Marta opened her cellphone she immediately opened the incoming message and gasped and paused for a moment. "Why who?" I asked as if I didn't know anything. "It's not why ... I go first, mom has texted me home". Marta immediately left me and immediately went to the hospital where Rama was being treated. The person who sent Marta the message was my friend Rama, my best friend. The contents of the message are the place and what disease he suffered from all this time, and were hidden from me.

Rama is being treated at a private hospital in Pontianak, he has a heart problem, and is waiting if anyone wants to donate his heart to Rama. I rushed and wanted to meet my friend Rama, but unexpected things happened to me, I had an accident and made my legs permanently paralyzed and many of my organs could no longer function.

Luckily I was admitted to the same hospital as Rama, and they did not know that I had an accident. I remembered that Rama was waiting for a donor who would donate his heart to Rama. Then I made my own decision that maybe I didn't want this to happen solely because Rama was my best friend and really loved my girlfriend the Marta. They have apparently been ex-girlfriends since high school and that feeling grows again when they attend high school reunions. Rama doesn't know that his ex-Marta is my current boyfriend, and Maerta doesn't know that Rama is my best friend. They had been in a relationship since then, two days after the high school reunion event and that was six months ago.

I am very sad to see the two of them dating behind me, hate, sad emotions, anger, I hide myself and it makes me want to give a special gift for both of them because I have met again and are in a relationship again. This one year Marta has been my boyfriend and six months ago they both managed to make me suffer above all.

I want to donate my heart to Rama so that they can have relationships like people do. "Doc, is there a patient who needs a heart right now?" I pretend I don't know. "There, in the next room, the same age as you, and every day he checks-up always accompanied by his girlfriend until now he is treated and waiting for donors". I immediately asked the doctor to perform an operation on me and donated my heart to Rama. "Doc, I want to donate my heart to that patient, but I need a video recording before I get surgery, doc".

The doctor agreed and immediately took the video recorder.

"Mr. Ram .. today can be operated because there are already donors"

Rama and Marta were happy and happy, Marta hugged Rama and had tears in her eyes.

Three days after starting the operation, Rama was getting a little better and Marta was always there for him. "Doc, who is a good person who donated his heart to me? I want to say thank you "asked Rama curiously. "He is a patient in the next room, who three days ago had an accident and was completely paralyzed, and intends to donate his son to you." Rama and Marta were curious about who it was and suddenly the nuns brought a video recording from Nuga. "This is a recording from a patient who donated his heart to Mr. Rama".

Sister started playing the video. And how shocked they both were that in the video it was Nuga.

"Hi friends, how are you? Are you okay now? How about Marta? Healthy?..

Sorry I didn't say that I had an accident when I wanted to visit you

On the last day I met Marta, my boyfriend. ”Rama was shocked and looked at Marta, who was already shedding tears.

"I've known your relationship for six months, thank you for everything ..

Ram, I have considered you my own brother and I really hated you when you didn't tell me that you were being treated .. as a friend I am very worried about your current condition .. get well soon my friend .. Marta, I know you changed because of you Rama's back, I'm not angry, I don't hate it, it's just that I'm disappointed, but never mind "laughing softly

"I hope you live happily and happily, don't like quarrels with each other, and always give me the news so that no suspicion arises .. take care of Marta for me, my friend, I trust her to you, because only you can make her comfortable ... please, I will. go home and I'll keep you from my realm "

Rama and Marta were unable to endure their sadness, the sacrifice of a friend and a boyfriend who really loved them.

Therefore, respect, love your friends, no matter how often they tease you because they care, because they are aware, friends are not just a reflection of themselves but also as a whip to move forward even though they are hurt. Take care and also love your boyfriend, because you dare to express love, dare to accept it is a choice of good intentions and do not betray him.

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I agree that u should love n respect your friends n boyfriend because they r the one who will help u in times of trouble n accept u for who n what u r n love u as well

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