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She smile is still the same

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1 month ago

A man steps into the crowd of people passing by. Looking for a path to walk among those people. And seen a man waiting in front of a school and waving his hand "Ali!" he said, smiling broadly. The man then approached him and immediately hugged him tightly. The same hug they shared 20 years ago. Old friends who haven't met since the two of them decided to continue in different schools. Erlangga was forced to move to a better school in the city because of his dreams, while Ali was still in the same area. The place where they both grew up in their teens.

Ali let go of his hug and looked at his old friend and said "hello sir lecturer" he said, showing his signature sweet smile. "Hello entrepreneurs," said Erlangga in reply. They both then laughed for a moment, but two boys who looked around 4-5 years approached them and hugged Ali's legs tightly, one of them was crying and the other stuck out his tongue to his brother. Ali touched the ears of the two children while scolding them, and Ani, the wife and mother of the two children, came to defend. "Al happy family" said Erlangga praised. Ali and Ani could only smile, “how about you Er ?. Are you still busy being a lecturer? " said Ani mockingly. Erlangga could only smile not intermittently, the hum of the loudspeakers surprised everyone, "hope all alumni go to the hall," the voice of a woman in the loudspeaker. "You go ahead," said Erlangga as he left that family.

Everyone seemed to be walking into the hall, only Erlangga walked away in the other direction against the current until there were no more people.

Erlangga looked around, the place is still the same as the first time Erlangga visited this school 24 years ago. Nothing had changed, only small cracks in the classroom walls and the color of the paint on the walls that had changed. Erlangga can still feel it, the warm laughter of his friends who may now be busy with their respective lives. But what made Erlangga surprised was the boy who was walking slowly in front of him. There was a red and white uniform, with beautiful eyes. The boy met a little girl in a loose uniform who was standing in front of the classroom door, seen waiting for someone. The boy walked over to her and they were holding hands, the hands of the bigger boy, making the little girl's hand look tiny and the touch still felt, warm. They walked the hallways of the classroom, ignoring the crowds of their friends hanging around and playing. They walked and stopped at a classroom with the seat at the front of the class. They sat down and the boy stood on the bench looking at his reflection in the classroom window, followed by the little girl. Old memories are still very clear, when the little girl looked at her best friend and became a brother to her, the little girl's eyes would fascinate everyone. With a warm smile, which is still clearly visible.

The sound of running footsteps made Erlangga surprised, there was a boy who started to grow who was running while laughing there, with his friends chasing him. The child has grown. Annoying growing up, with all the strange changes in every child. And just like them, the little girl and boy have grown slowly. They don't play together anymore, sometimes even shy to greet each other. Changes that make them feel awkward. They just walked in opposite directions without wanting to look at each other, let alone say hello. However, when the boy glanced at the girl, the girl turned her face and gave a trying glance in the opposite direction. It continued from day to day until they were teenagers, and in the end the girl went far away and they never saw each other again until now. But the memories are still with them, happy childhood, only laughter and images.

Erlangga, who was still standing in the hallway, stepped his feet and stood on the bench and saw his reflection in the glass window. The little boy has changed, now he is a man. An innocent little child, without problems and without pain. Erlangga came down and sat down, closed his eyes and tried to remember his happy childhood, only him and his friends. So much fun, if only he could meet a peterpan and be taken to Neverland never to grow up, just an adventure without the sickening adult problems. But here he is now, a grown man with all kinds of problems, work, and worldly life. A word spoken by him "if only I did not grow up" he said softly. "So don't" someone whispered surprising Erlangga, a woman adult who was sitting next to him. Smiling sweetly showed her adult face. And she smile is still the same as before.

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Written by   311
1 month ago
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