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Reasons To Be Happy

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1 month ago
Topics: Short Story

So, he works here? Asked a man in his heart, holding a small paper with the address of a building in front of him now. He smiled, then looked at the paper again. And .. all this ended sweetly, then the man smiled while imagining the smile of a woman he loved so much.


The sky no longer shows its beauty in the twilight. Now, it turns into a scary night. However, the stars were blinking to show their existence as a small but very stable light. Not expecting the flickering of the stars above, a girl ran half panting towards a place. Every now and then, she stopped and took a deep breath and then exhaled. She realized that stopping wouldn't get her where she was going, she had to keep running. after a few minutes, she ran, arrived at the place that had become the focus of her mind.

"Red Cafe .. right?" he asked himself as she read the sign hanging by the door. "Okay, this must be right." She convinced himself then opened the door. One step he put his foot on, she looked to the right and to the left, making sure that the person she was going to meet had arrived or not. However, no one who was there was the person she meant. Suddenly his cell phone rang. Reflex, she pressed the answer button on her cellphone.

"Hello .. Where are you ... Oh, you're late ... Okay, then I'll order first, okay?" tut. The conversation was short but able to provide certainty for the girl. Okay, let's serve me barista! She said to himself, then he ran towards the place of order.

"Is there anything I can help?" the classic waiter's phrase when a customer walks up to her.

"One hot latte." She answered without thinking

“Good, latte one. Additional?"

"That used to be." The girl said then went to the empty chair near the window. Slightly but surely, a small volume of water descended from the sky. The atmosphere became more romantic as she waited for her coffee to come.

Thirty minutes had passed, but the coffee still hadn't arrived at her table.

"Ah, Sultan is using this kind of parry event." Complained annoyed. She did not like waiting, however, she knew that his best friend was not someone who was irresponsible for letting him wait a long time. "Sultan is late, the Latte is late too." She complained that she realized the coffee he ordered had not come.

Drifting off in frustration waiting for her best friend, the Sultan, was a little relieved by the arrival of the latte which was delivered by a waiters. "Sorry miss, because it was busy, so many orders and it took a long time." Said a boy with the label 'barista' on his shirt.

"Okay, man, never mind." The girl said as she adjusted her seat to be comfortable drinking the lattice. "Thank you, sir." The girl said turning towards the barista. These are the eyes .. the girl was shocked. She was sure, she knew that look very well. In a second, the views of the two converged. Realizing that he knew each other, the barista began the conversation, "You ... Sharon, right?" he said nervously.

"Yes. You ... Tera right? Wow, are you a barista now? " said the girl with a smile covering her nervousness.

"Hahaha, yes. In accordance with my passion. You know right? It's been a long time, I haven't found it. About ... nine years. " said Tera with his masculine smile. In the shocking "session" between the two of them, Sultan came in haste. "Sorry Shar, I'm still fixing the design you ordered yesterday, "Sultan said explaining the reason for the delay. Seeing the odd attitude between Sharon and the barista, Tera, Sultan took a stand. "One espresso." Sultan's message. "Fine, sir." Tera replied briefly.

"Sultan! Ah, you are. " Sharon whined as she folded her arms.

"Why Shar? How about the interior design? Er .. for a while my laptop is still loading. " Sultan said without sin, without paying attention to the look on Sharon's face.

"Sultan, please." Sharon said and then pulled the laptop in front of the Sultan. "You know who the barista was?" asked Sharon with a serious face.

"Who is it, Sharon?" Is it important for you? " said Sultan, leaning his chin up, pretending to be paying attention.

“That's Tera, Tan! Remember, who was he? " said Sharon furiously.

"Oh, yes?" Sultan looked to the right and left. "Isn't he your first love? .. ”Sultan teased.

"I want to chat with him .." hope Sharon.

"If you are destined to chat, surely you will have time to chat, just calm down. Eh, finish your work first. Your sister's wedding is already in weeks. " Sultan said, reaffirming his "marginalized" laptop position. With a frown, Sharon took his friend's advice.

Discussions are fun. It was also felt by the two friends who were exchanging ideas to produce something to reach a consensus. Without realizing it, time has run so fast.

"Deal, huh? Use this design? " asked Sultan to make sure.

“Yep! The color is just right. Sigh. Finally finished." Sharon said then turned to the right and left.

"Just a moment." Sultan's permission to leave Sharon for a moment. Sultan went to the cashier to finish his "business" and then returned.

"Are you on your treat?" asked Sharon. Sultan only nodded.

"I'm Tera, how can I help you?" suddenly a man walked over to Sharon and Sultan's table.

"Yes, bro, just sit here. Bro, the shift is over, right? " said Sultan.

"Err. Yes, what's wrong? " asked Tera a little doubtfully.

"You know my friend, right? Let's talk first. This friend of mine really wants to talk with you. " Rayu Sultan pulled Tera's hand to sit beside Sharon. Sharon, who was starting to understand the situation, smiled. "Let's talk first Ter!" ask Sharon.

"So, when did you know?" asked Sultan to break the ice.

"We knew it when we were in elementary school," Tera replied.

"No need to call him Mr. Ter! He's my friend, my best friend from middle school. " Sharon said with a laugh. Tera smiled, it indicated that he was starting to be able to melt away with the atmosphere.

Tera and Sharon talked comfortably regardless of Sultan who was so focused on his laptop. The conversation between the two of them actually took them to the point where they found back the one piece that was lost with time. They smiled with satisfaction, that in fact, they had now found the missing pieces.

The rain started to stop, Sharon realized it was very late at night. “Ter, say goodbye first. Next time we talk again, I'll text you later. " Said Sharon smiling, as she pulled Sultan's hand to go home. Tera just nodded with a smile. Sultan and Sharon walked out of the cafe.

"First love .. will always make an impression. Even now. " Muttered Sharon, but was heard by Sultan. "Tan, can I just go home by taxi?" I think I'm going to Desti's house. " Sharon said. "Sure? Yes, be careful. " Sultan replied briefly and looked at Sharon who got into the taxi. Without thinking, Sultan started his motorbike and left the cafe, the cafe he had been looking for.


"So, you've brought the two of them together?" Asked an old man in a white coat.

"Yes doc, and it looks like they both really ... still have feelings for each other." Sultan said looking down.

"Okay, now what is your decision? When do you want chemo? Remember Sultan, brain cancer is no joke. And this life .. "

"Stop doc." Sultan's orders. With a disappointed but satisfied face, he said, “I don't have to live anymore, right doc? I just want to make the people who make me happy. Although, I am not the reason for him to be happy. "

"With you chemo, you can make your parents calm in nature there." Refuted the doctor.

"No doc, I want to enjoy life recently as a person who doesn't take drugs. I will remain in control, if it gets too bad, I want to die here. " Sultan replied with a smile, then he stood up. It was not until he grabbed the door hinges that Sultan fell. He passed out.

The doctor opened the door and said to a nun, "Prepare a room for Sultan."


"Doc, how is the development of Sultan?" asked Sharon a little frantically. "Why is his face scared like that? He's fine, sis, his heart rate is normal. "

Sharon's exhaustion of waiting for ten months paid off already. When he opened the Sultan's room, he found the Sultan opening his eyes. "Sultan .. I love you .. please don't leave me anymore." Sharon said holding Sultan's hand. “Tera… wh… where… He… right… sweet……. rts ... ? " asked Sultan haltingly. Sharon hugged Sultan's hand then said, “Sultan, my relationship with Tera is not what I imagined. Nine years without seeing each other has changed many things. He's not what I'm looking for, you who I need .. You are the reason I make happiness. You have to be aware of that. " Sultan smiled weakly, and he had to convince himself that he had a reason to be happy, so does he .. as a reason to be happy.

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Written by   259
1 month ago
Topics: Short Story
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