It's not like a Bulaga meal

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It really makes it hard and uncomfortable when I deal with stomach aches, for some reason I have been having a lot of bowel movements lately. Going back and forth to the toilet makes mothers confused. And because of me too, until the hinge of the bathroom door almost fell off, because I was too rushed and slammed the door.

After finishing defecating for the umpteenth time, this stomach was quite relieved. It no longer works to stir in all the organs in the stomach. I saw by me, mother began to open the small book page by page. A little bigger than a language dictionary book, but the book that mother is holding today is thicker and slightly worn-in appearance.

"It is not unusual at this time to see gossip on TV, how come I read books diligently now," I said a little oddly

"This mother is looking for a prescription for traditional medicine," replied the mother

"For whom, bun?"

"For those who break down the door every time you go to the toilet," my mother said sarcastically

Hearing what my mother said, I tried to stay away. Wow, I must be told to drink herbal medicine, the danger is far from delicious, but its properties are far from efficacious and useful. Instead of turning to the city, but the era has advanced, it seems old-fashioned when you drink herbal medicine. Isn't it time for syrups from pharmacies or pills from nearby shops? Not to mention how to buy it, you have to wait for the fixer to appear. Make it complicated!

When I hang out at the coffee shop, I'm sitting on the back of the chair. My friends also suggested that I drink herbal medicine, what's more, Galih agrees most if I have to drink herbal medicine. "That means you have diarrhea, Vian." He said while pointing at me "the right medicine, yes herbal medicine" he added

"What are you doing? Promotion of herbal medicine? "

"Here, son, if you are told, the answer is definitely promotion ... this is ... that is," said Galih emotionally

"Yes you are desperate to tell me to drink herbal medicine"

"Yesterday my grandfather got uric acid," said Galih

"Continue to drink herbs?" Ask me

"No, he asked me to massage," Ragil said like an idiot

The other friends smiled in unison, they together slapped Galih's head. Not wanting to be left behind, I participated in slapping Galih's head. After all, people are serious, they are even inconsequential.

Then a young girl came, she was Zahra, but better known as Neng Ara. Her silky hair was suspended in the wind, she quickly put on the headband. His fantastic body makes him even more dazzling. Not infrequently he always teases visitors who are hanging out.

Neng Ara, who coincidentally is a grade 1 high school student, said the same thing Galih said for a while. Maybe he was eavesdropping on the conversation, in our question.

"Jamu Tuh, there are many benefits from Bang Vian, just drink it"

"Heh often" I'm a little feel to hear it "Are you sick?"

"Fig is not sick, just to increase endurance. Because fig has to help mother here"

"Vian, listen to what my girlfriend has to say. Jamu is very lucky"

Hearing Galih nagging, Ara wore an irritated face. Suddenly Ara's smooth hand floated 'Plakk' grabbed the cheek right next to Galih. Now he passes backward. I could only smile watching the previous, but the others laughed at the convulsions, while holding their stomach.

Galih's face began to bend. Even though it was just kidding, but it turned into suffering. For a moment those who were still laughing began to see Iba at Galih. How angry Galih was at that time. Like the saying has fallen from the stairs.

Then I invited him to tour around my home complex.

Back home, after a day spent outside. See a woman. It seems a year or two old than me who just rose to the middle school class. Then he looked at me, and smiled, "Vian Huh?" He said like he had recognized me, "I am Rima, I was told by your mother here," he said again.

"Glek" I held back saliva, judging by the name, the person who was now in front of me seemed to be a herbalist. My body started shaking the goosebump thinking if I was taking herbal medicine, which was bitter and less delicious.

I quickly ran to the house, regardless of him speaking. My mother arrived at the right moment, then stood at the door, as if she wanted to block these steps. But I managed to avoid, by running ZigZAG as if it was overshadowed by an opponent like a game of football.

Go straight to the room, then immediately lock the door. One second later the door opened again. I go out. Now the step towards the toilet, it feels like this stomach is more volatile, wanting to spit out yellow magma that wants to spray a pungent odor.

After lingering, remain silent in the toilet. I left, returned to the room feeling relieved. I take the blanket and I tip this body in the crevice in the mattress. People say if we hurt my stomach, then take the bed. Abdominal pain will go away on its own.

"I curse you, Vian." In front of me now stands a giant glass that contains a brownish liquid. Complete with all members of the body are like humans. "You are not using me, now you are taking away my efficacy. Feel my retribution," she said again.

I was getting scared, suddenly thunder resounded in the dark sky. The eagles that were faintly sounded were accompanied by thunder with lightning. A groove of soft songs begins to play. The glass spills all of the chocolate liquid. My hand is now raised as if you wanted to remove the immersion of the impending spill. "No ..." I shouted.

"Ridicules... It's not like a Bulaga meal." There was a voice from Awang, I thought. "Come on, hurry up," he said again. Suddenly the earth shook and came a big wave like a tsunami. Soon my body was wet. Eyes are now open, my body is very good in bed. Apparently, that incident was just a dream.

"What a complicated child ... I know yourself, you're going to run away," said a woman, who was none other than Rima.

"Sorry, I don't want to take herbal medicine Ms.. Please don't force me"

"Eh crazy, do you think my treatment? Hey ..." he said, glaring

"Who is this?"

"I'll just tell you the medicine for stomach aches. Indeed, it looks like herbal medicine."

"That's right, Herbs"

"So, what? You, why hate Herbs!" Said Rima while triggering his face

I am a little amazed at Ms. Rima's style of speech. "You, how come hate Herbs!" My heart is asking 'What's wrong to try?' After all, I won't die. But it felt like liquid had entered my throat like it was swallowing a tube. Even though I never drink tubal water.

Ms. Rima held my hand, she walked over to me to get to the kitchen. I can only leave it in the kitchen.

Then he showed me all the spices lying on the kitchen table. Take off my hand and take the ginger. "This is ginger, you know, right?" I nodded. "The point warms the body and increases the resistance of the body"

After that he took a small bowl of coconut milk, "This is coconut milk, you know? To add sweetness after mixing the sugar. What do you mean?"

"Er ... I can't say I'm confused

"Kids today, lots of people. Just one sentence, I don't know," she said. "This coconut milk adds sweetness when mixed with sugar, it means"

Crazy, the name is 'Rima'. But it was different from the knowledge he was applying now to me. I am proud of him, there are still children of the nation who pay attention to the legacy of their previous ancestors. I greatly contribute to listening to her every kind of speech.

"Even dumbfounded, hear it or not? What am I saying," Now his eyes stared hard

"Yes, Ms., listen," I said

A glass of herbs is served. Now in Ms. Rima, after she ground a small piece of ginger until the ginger was smooth and surprised. Plus the coconut milk which has been responsible for enough sugar is then poured into the glass that he is currently giving.

I take herbal medicine.

"Tourists who come to Indonesia don't like our people," I stopped drinking after hearing Ms. Rima's words. "If our people go abroad, 'Most go shopping that is not clear.' Different from Westerners he is not only traveling, but also studying. Including remodeling herbal medicine."

"Not Ma'am, for example, my friend he got a soccer scholarship. He flew to Milan to study football at the AC Milan Club" I said to violate Ms. Rima

"I mean, the rich man whose only intention is Rah-Rah in that country."

I nodded. Then must have heard her rambling on. I better eat herbal medicine after predicting Ms. Roulimah's hand.

The next day, as usual, I went straight to the coffee shop after school. I walk cheerfully. Yesterday's stomach is burning now. Now it's cool like winter.

In the corner of the bench there, Galih looked at me. He looked like he was welcoming the Royal prince to Come.

I said that my life journey yesterday was full of struggles to fight stomach aches and was afraid to take herbs. Until finally the hero who was quite beautiful came to give me the last weapon called 'jamu'.

He explained this about herbal medicine, tirelessly teaching me how to mix spices. Tired of being paid when I was willing to sip a glass of herbs. And the results of the stomachache that massaged my stomach gradually subsided. It was a relief, I no longer walked to the toilet. No more sound of the door making the hinges jiggle. And there are no more days without stroking my pet cat.

Smiling I sat down to put his hands behind the chair. And laughed when Ragil started to get sloppy again.

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