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Angels from Heaven

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1 month ago

The field of time passed. Keep your distance at all times. Want to reach but can't be reached. Unseen, only heard, hard to feel the sense of belonging, like a sparkling jewel dazzling every man who has a heart and love.

This is not a dream or fantasy. The news about the existence of Heaven's Angel is true. Something that is invisible but exists in the real world. And as they are called the Angels of the earth.

Maybe everything revolves around stories about the existence of Heaven's Angel. Who has all the beauty of form and appearance and nature? But there was also something in this world that could be said to be an Angel of Heaven. A woman who is not only good in appearance and appearance but also has noble character and character.

A woman who has a sincere smile on the path of life that is lived. As a creature created by nature to be a mother and also a companion for a husband. Accept and fight as it should be, the nature of women is like an angel in heaven. Have patience and compassion that is intact and can really express affection.

But returning in words is not as easy as the scattered creations are created. Because this can only be carried on certain women who are already worthy and given the title or carried like the Angel of Heaven.

A child will say that every mother he loves is his heavenly angel. Likewise, a husband who loves his wife will say his wife is the angel of heaven in his eyes. And a young man/old man who is in love will say his idol woman is an angel in heaven for him.

Women are basically not seen from their beauty and innocence. Because appearance is only one very small part, and a person will truly be seen from his hidden beauty and sincerity. Because that's the best in real value.

Every true woman is also not seen from a body shape that is so charming but from the extent to which she maintains a charming body shape. A real woman is not seen from how much good she has done, but it comes from sincerity when she gives all that goodness. A real woman is not seen from how melodious her voice is but seen will be reflected in what her mouth often talks about. A real woman will also not be seen from her language skills, but it will be seen how she speaks and argues for the truth.

It's hard to find but it turns out that there are many forms of the figure of the heavenly angel who came down to the world.

There is a reflection that we need to contemplate together that in this life, we who are connected to other people who interact, actually have many hidden desires. That is about how we really need affection and love.

When using or acting, humans tend to present the best things about themselves.

Like a phenomenon related to the way, people struggle to get recognition or recognition through the effort to feel what they want to achieve.

So, what would it be like to get something as expected? And it's not always the same. Because, there are also those who can interpret it differently, even interpret it definitively.

When humans are faced with the need for affection or love, then an expression arises of what the value of authenticity is like. Although, the truth of all humans is different from the problems that are usually expressed. Only the truth of the need for love.

Heaven's Angels for lucky men and Heaven's Angels for women who have a noble day.

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Written by   477
1 month ago
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Description of women well said. When we see true Angels in this form it's a blessing. But not all are Angels, some of them take this as an advantage to ruin the society silently.

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1 month ago

Siempre he creído en la existencia de los angeles. Y soy muy creyente de mi Ángel guardián. Convenciada estoy que todos tenemos uno a nuestro lado. Te invito a conversar con el. Saludos

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1 month ago