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Always Try and Pray (part 1)

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3 weeks ago

Just call him 'Rian'. he is my friend. But my feelings at that time were no more than just admiring him because I knew he liked another girl in the next class.

we often spend time together. my bench right in front of him. often we joke and joke with me and my classmate I quite enjoy it. I admire him not just because he is attractive. Because Rian is also quite smart and smart in class. always made it into the top 5. He is very good at math. Lessons that are quite difficult for me until now.

After we graduated, we never got in touch again. Rian has moved away from my life. And I never thought I could ever reunite with him.

We met at one of the tourist attractions in our area. An unpleasant encounter at first. I bumped into it while walking while I looked back because it was so crowded with visitors and I didn't keep going at that time so unexpectedly I bumped into the person in front of me who was stopping walking.

I spontaneously responded apologetically to the person in front of me. he just turned his head and was silent for a moment.

But when I saw him turn towards me, it seemed that face was not that strange to me.

"Sorry, yes ..." I tried to pull over while pitifully holding back embarrassment.

"Oh it's okay, he replied casually." he smiled. when I woke up it seemed like this face was familiar to me.

"Rian? Do you remember? Me? Lia, your first school friend. "

"Lia? what are you doing here? "

"Ordinary, looking for a refreshing place to relieve fatigue?" I answered again, we were a little quiet and looking for a friend to sit down.

"Hahaha, looks like this crowd isn't the right choice for refreshing?" his laughter is really crispy. as before, without the burden.

"Yeah, I didn't know it would be this busy here." slightly pursed my lips to give a sign that it was not according to my hopes for this vacation.

"Ouch, don't look at me like that. Understandably, the time coincided with a long holiday, it was so busy this time.

From that meeting, when we returned from the tourist spot, we decided to take a trip to release our homesickness and news. chatting how were my old school friends. Really never imagined being able to meet him again.

Not to forget we exchanged cellphone numbers so the story started. Before long, because we often hang out together and honestly I also feel like his presence, and when he confessed to me. Then my answer is confirmed to accept it.

It was the end of November. Drizzle rain to accompany. Where is the atmosphere I really crave for? And when we spend time together. It felt like the world was just the two of us. Very beautiful.

Not long before my birthday. Ada realized, Rian kept too much contact with me, where every time we walked together, she never even wanted to hold my hand. In contrast to tonight, he dared to hold my hand. unfortunately tonight the rain did not accompany us like the atmosphere I like. And the moon is so shining accompany our chat in front of my house.

When he held my hand, he said, “Lia, remember don't ever feel alone, even though I'm not here. Never feel that God always gives you a trial that makes you difficult. And don't forget to always try and pray so that all problems can be resolved. " so tightly he held my hand, I wanted to let it go, but it was so heavy. His hands are so warm.

Indeed, at that time there were so many problems that came and went in my life. starting from the death of my father, my brother who had to be taken to a rehabilitation center, to the piling up of work that I still had to do. My mind is not chaotic if I keep remembering these problems. But for him, Rian always accompanied me and wanted to hear my complaints. I can say, Rian is a cure when I'm having problems.

A few days later, deeply engraved in my memory, two days before my birthday, he said to see a painting exhibition with his friends at an art venue outside the city with his friends. Actually, at that time, I was a little heavy to say to be careful on the road. I also thought there was no way I could prevent it. I am only his lover, not yet his wife. So I didn't have the right to restrain him and forbid him to leave at that time, I thought at the time.

to be continued....

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Written by   311
3 weeks ago
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