I Hate The Most is Being Rushed

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What I hate most is being rushed.

I like to rush things before, for example, when making my project video before, when I upload to files I can make 8 mins or 10 minutes within a week But that is not normal because I always rush.

I squeeze my brain for every last drop I beat myself hard just so I can finish the project but don't do this because sometimes after i finished my project i take some rest for the whole day but im still writing another story on my project and on the next day im going to start a project.

When I was still a child, everytime we buy something or go to the grocery I always try to buy my favorite video games at the same time,

And when I have already bought what I wanted.

Me: Grandpa, I want to go home

Grandpa: There you go again, just because you already bought yours you already want to go home, We still need to go to the grocery.

When it comes to games, I finished Red Dead redemption 2 within 3 or 2 days, Spiderman PS4 within 2 and half days, Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order within 1 day and the same goes for the other games. When I buy them, I want to finish them immediately.

I also remembered when we were in college, we had a subject about concept art and we needed to draw some character design Environment design.

I am always the first one to finish because I like to rush. Example I draw a province village within in 1 or 2 min and done.

When I buy clothes I already know what I want.

There blacks, this will do after that go straight home Just like that, just speed Even when eating.

Friends: Bro, that's a lot!, Why rush everything ?, Are you rushing your life?

When I am at home, I eat for just 5 mins.. Sometimes, not even 5 mins. In our home, we don't eat at the same time. We eat whenever we want.

Our life today is simply fleeting.. Its as fast as clicking Before when reviewing, If you have an assignment or you need to review You need to go visit the library.

You walk, You borrow, You open the book, you search, you turn pages look at the time it takes just to find what you are looking for But now, when asked of something you don't know about, you google it! That fast!.

But remember that life is not supposed to be rushed, You need to take your time and savour every moment there is you are supposed to take your time not your partner taking your time.

When I was in elementary when I go to school. I feel really lazy waking up early in the morning It only takes me 15 minutes preparing Because when I wake up, I am already dressed, They dressed me while sleeping.

That's s how I rush, Im already dressed even when asleep.

Before in school, when the teacher asks to write something on the board and she write the story on the book, It's s already on the book so what's the need to rewrite it?

when our class is about to end.

Teacher: Okay class, let's erase it, your next teacher is coming.

Me: Wait wait! Don't erase it yet, hey what the heck.

Then i borrow to my classmates notebook to copy their write.

And before we went home, our class president are listing NOISY in the board, I want to go home early so i need to be quiet, if you caught talking to your seatmate you pay 7 pesos if you not pay, you clean the whole room even it's not your day. That i really hate the most.

Thank you for reading my story and thank you for spending your time even if you enjoy or not.

Thank you again God Bless.


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