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Altermail - the world's first private and secure email/chat service based on Blockchain

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What is Privacy?

In general, privacy refers to the right to be left alone, as well as the freedom from interruption or intrusion. The right to have some control over how your personal information is gathered and utilized is known as information privacy.

Altermail stands for real Privacy and Security

Altermail is the world's first private and secure email service based on Blockchain. This is not your standard email comparison to Gmail/Protonmail on SSL/TLS Certificate or xsalsa20. Altermail technological setup is based on new architecture taken from blockchain, specialized networking encryption, public & private keys to secure the data and can be accessible and readable only on the Altermail platform.


  • Secure your private messaging, files and data. Chat with your closest ones as well

Governments/ Municipalities

  • Now the public sector has the chance to exclude cyberattacks, protect themselves against phishing, spam, and much more

Businesses/ Corporates

  • No more encryption for files or on-sight conversations, the only person who will be seeing the message will be the receiver

Take the first step to real privacy

How sure are you about your privacy and security when communicating with others? Why take the risk of damaging your social life, finance, impersonation and governance over your data? Share the things that matter to you, the business idea, payments, agreements, confidential information, and files, knowing that it is completely safe and secure.

Altermail is breaking the illusion of fake privacy by providing the world's first private and secure email service based on Blockchain. The new security set up using Blockchain technology and asymmetric encryption will allow you to be secure when communicating with other peers, friends, or colleagues by chatting or emailing on Altermail.

The security is usually breached once the email is sent out to Gmail, Protonmail, Outlook or any other service provider. That’s why Altermail have set up a new feature for the recipients to use so you don’t have to worry about your data to be compromised

No one will be able to see the data except you. The information integrity is fully secured.

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1 year ago
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