People lose everything, understand its value.

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Hello good evening all!

People understand the value of everything after losing. Time, life dear people are the most in this list. Sometimes I count how many people have come in this life. Sometimes it is a friend, sometimes a lover or sometimes an unnecessary stranger. Every person comes to this small life something. Because. comes in the middle and teaches some lessons that have to be followed for a lifetime.

The most difficult thing is to move forward with a smile on your face with a storm going on in your mind. On the one hand, an uncertain career, the dreams of your parents and the pain of sacrificing your own will or the pain of not being able to express your love to someone, the spy attacks in urban neon light. We have to live with the pain of not being able to say something, with a mind suffering from existential crisis. At the end of the office, the person walking with a sweaty dirty shirt and the tiredness of the state in his eyes wants at least someone to understand his mind. Where else???

Of course, in this city of adaptability, just like sitting on the seat of an auto-rickshaw on the bumpy road, we do not feel good even after trying so hard to deal with our anger, shame and suffering. Life dies laughing in a romantic scenario like a small clip on the Facebook reel. Life is not so easy as watching drama's emotions and crying. If it was easy, maybe I would have given up and survived. At least a smoke would have burned with the tea of ​​self-satisfaction on a sedimentary night.

When the person you like becomes someone else's pain in the chest gives birth to a strange feeling in the corner of self-esteem. Maybe he was mine, then what happened??? Would he be mine???

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Humans are born selfish. Every human being is two-sided in terms of biological needs. This fact plays a very silent role in human evolution. Otherwise, everyone would have been stuck in the first love of youth. After that, no one could have anyone else in mind. Human evolution got stuck in an emotional cycle and perished. would go

The person who said "I will not survive without him" is also sleeping in the grave. Seeing his mangled type picture on the other side, the person who said nice also hurts us on the shore of words. Still we live, what a funny evolution.

Screaming I love her and loving her in silence; Lovers don't understand the difference between these two. Just as birth control reveals its existence in a special drop, so we have to say "I love you".

Inadequate supply of words against feelings burns poets, burns me, my poetry suffers self. If all had been said, I might have been Audra, I might have been a wasted poet of the inbox.

I can't, I don't regret it. I know that I am always a phoenix bird unknown in any cloud of dreams or desires. I have no death, no death of my words, no fatigue of my sighs.

Conclusion:Some events happen without our will, over which we often have no control. Adapting them on time is a timely decision. There is no bolder move than keeping yourself well, and keeping everyone well at the same time.

Evolution over time is a characteristic of humans.

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